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This Is Our Jam is the (mostly) musical brainchild of three friends who, once upon a time, changed their gchat statuses a lot. Krista, Kristen, and Stacey love to share music, YouTube gems, and other assorted thoughts with the world. Whether new music we’ve just discovered at a DC concert or old throwbacks from childhood, we have a lot of jams that we think the world should hear.

We don't define ourselves as a critical music blog (we leave all the detailed critiques and musical theory to musicality experts), but rather we aim to be an entertaining source for both finding new music and re-discovering songs and artists that may have gotten buried in your iTunes library.

Aside from music, some of our other jams include: brunch, anything associated with the Washington Capitals, beaches, happy hours, Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, shopping, sushi, and The Millionaire Matchmaker.

a little bit about each of us...

Krista's childhood dream was to be a breakdancer (which, let's be real, is still her life ambition… she's just working on the upper body strength). She just wants to dance. Her favorite insect is the lightning bug. She once called in Radio Disney to request that they play "I'll Make A Man Out of You" from Mulan. They did. 

Krista’s three favorite songs ever:
"Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot

You can reach Krista at krista@thisisourjamdc.com.

Kristen irrationally and wholeheartedly loves Scandinavia. She also dreams of someday being on Cash Cab. She wants her life to have a soundtrack. She eats everything with a spoon.

Kristen’s three favorite songs ever:

You can reach Kristen at kristen@thisisourjamdc.com.

Stacey's life goal is to go to every major league baseball stadium in the country. If her life could be supplanted into any TV show, it would be Friday Night Lights but without the Texas heat. Her inner monologue is in Canadian. She's really good at making paper chains.

Stacey’s three favorite songs ever:
"January Wedding" by the Avett Brothers

You can reach Stacey at stacey@thisisourjamdc.com.

Three girls, one blog, endless musical possibilities.

We want to hear from you!! To contact us, email us at info@thisisourjamdc.com or find us on twitter @thisisourjamdc.
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