Thursday, January 26, 2017

no really, you are our jam

Are you there, world? It's us, TIOJ. And once again, we're here for some real talk. This is incredibly hard to write, but after 5+ years, 2827 blog posts, and thousands and thousands of jams, we're bidding you adieu. This has been the most wonderful journey and we have loved every bit of it.

After some reflecting, we thought of all the things that have happened in our lives while This Is Our Jam has been in existence. One of us became an aunt - TWICE (which means that all of us really became aunts). We're much closer to 30 than 20 (insert sobbing emojis). We're no longer living together and have lived in 15 apartments/houses in the time since we did live together. We learned that pregaming is hard but day drinking is not. Instagram and emojis were invented. And we are no longer three single gals out on the town (in fact, we're currently picking out bridesmaid dresses for one of our weddings!)!

One of our favorite facts is that over the course of TIOJ's lifespan, Walk the Moon became superstars. It's only fitting that our last jam be from the same gents as our first.

While we won't be posting on the blog any more, we'll keep our Twitter and Spotify up and running if you guys have any must share song recs or want to see what we're currently listening to!

Thanks, guys. You are our jam.

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