Monday, August 22, 2016

checking in is our jam.

Hey world. Life is getting progressively busier these days -- you might have noticed. Don't get us wrong, we love how busy we are! But we need a few weeks to focus on our day jobs. This is not a farewell -- we just need to breathe for a hot minute. We'll be popping back in occasionally with giveaways, festival and concert recaps, and more, but for the most part, consider this a TIOJ vacation. Thanks for understanding, people, and keep finding things that are your jam.

Monday, August 15, 2016

{GIVEAWAY} miranda lambert at merriweather post pavilion!

I have a real good feelin' something great's about to happen. How do I know? We're giving away two tickets to see Miranda Lambert perform live at Merriweather Post Pavilion on 8/25 on her Keeper of the Flame tour! Not only that, but our girl Miranda (one of the most badass women in country music) is performing with Kip Moore and the Brothers Osborne. I can't think of a better way to spend a late summer night. Don't have regrets--enter now!

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If you just can't take your chances, buy tickets here now!

Friday, August 12, 2016

weekend thoughts...

At TIOJ, we are obsessed with the Olympics as much as we're obsessed with other magical things like wine and not working on summer Fridays. You better believe that we'll be spending our weekend cheering on team USA and celebrating (with--you guessed it--wine). Happy Friday!

Your Weekend Jam: This may be controversial, but Britney Jean will always be the original Queen B in my life. Sorry, Beyonce. Check out the latest release from her upcoming album here!

TIOJ Thoughts:

A gym playlist.

Obama's playlist is everything.

I love Laurie Hernandez's swag.

Are you worthy of Simone Biles?

Acoustic releases from Jack White? Yes please.

Free! Cover Me Songs, one of our personal favorite music sites, is offering free mp3 downloads of covers from the Beatles' revered album Revolver.

DC Happenings: If you like bouncy houses and beer, you should definitely head over to DC Brau Brewing Company this weekend and check out an event benefiting the ONE campaign. It's free. What are you waiting for?

{PLAYLIST} olympics!

Finger wagging, glistening abs, #girlbosses, heartwarming underdogs, national pride--the Olympics has it all. This year, with hundreds of athletes from all over the world converging in Rio de Janeiro, we're so psyched to cheer on our favorite athletes. The summer games only happen every four years, so we hope you're carving out time from your busy schedules to sit back with a caipirinha or some #America and bask in the glory


Press play and watch some sports, will you?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

{THROWBACK} destiny's child

Full disclosure: I have absolutely no idea who Fifth Harmony is (yet Buzzfeed suggests that they're the girl group of the decade?). I also spent more time wondering why the girl on the left wasn't wearing jeans while all the others were than I did seeing if they would dance. But anyway, with a baller Destiny's Child tribute, I may need to look into who these chicas are. (Singing starts around 1:20.)

Monday, August 8, 2016

{GIVEAWAY} train with andy grammer at merriweather post pavilion!

Another Monday, another amazing giveaway to get you TIOJers stoked for summer! This week we're giving away two tickets to see Train and Andy Grammer at Merriweather Post Pavilion on 8/20. If you don't sing along every single time "Drops of Jupiter," "Drive By," or "Hey, Soul Sister" come on the radio, you're lying. Can you imagine a more perfect way to spend a Saturday?

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If you just can't leave it up to chance, get your tickets here!

Friday, August 5, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, chickadees and chicakdudes! Have a wonderful weekend of Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, poolside chillin', and, of course, brunch!

Your Weekend Jam: There’s new music from Kishi Bashi! Dance the afternoon away at your desk!

TIOJ Thoughts: 

The All Things Go Fall Classic lineup is legit.

It’s the Olympics!! The best Olympics movies to get you in the right mindset.

DC themed nail polishes. 

Death Cab for Cutie played on the organ at Fenway Park? Yes please.

Free! Imagine you’re back in the ‘60s with Charlie Faye and the Fayettes!

DC Happenings: Check out some of the best hiking trails just outside of DC!

{PLAYLIST} outside lands 2016

Left coasters are in luck this weekend -- it's time for San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival, and we're insanely jealous of three days of music under the Golden Gate Bridge. This week's installment on the festival circuit is sure to be a beaut, both musically and visually.

Press play below and dream of sourdough bread bowls with us!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

hey, girl. ryan gosling is my jam.

Whistling + Ryan Gosling + acoustic loveliness = Tuesday perfection. There's absolutely nothing wrong with "City Of Star," an advance track from Ryan Gosling's upcoming movie La La Land. Does anyone else miss Dead Man's Bones right now? Just me?

Monday, August 1, 2016

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