Wednesday, June 15, 2016

{INTERVIEW} the staves

Oh man, do we have such a treat for you guys! Today, we're sharing our latest interview with Camilla Staveley-Taylor of one of our most favorite bands The Staves. Read ahead as we chat with Camilla about being in a band with her sisters, what she's currently listening to, and their current North American tour! 

Listen while you read:

Tell us about yourself! When did you go from being musically-talented sisters to a band?
It happened gradually, really. We always sang together round the house or at parties when the guitars would come out, and then one summer about 12 years ago we decided to do some songs at our local open mic night. We were running late so our friend wrote our name on the list. He wrote "The Staves" because everyone called us that anyway and "The Staveley-Taylors" is a bit of a mouthful! I suppose that was the start of it, although it still took us a long while to start gigging properly. I was still in school.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before? What song should they start with?
That's an impossible question! I don't know. Good?! I never know how to describe our own music. I think I'd just say that ours is harmony-based music. Most people call us folk but I don't think that's right, especially not the last album and current EP. I suppose we're a three-headed singer songwriter. That's fairly accurate. I'd say start with anything from our current EP Sleeping In A Car. That's most representative of us right now.

How is it being in a band with your sisters?
A constant power struggle... Nah, it's great. We've always been so close and that sense of ease and trust is so beneficial in a band situation. The bad side is there is no escape from the family roles you've been in all your life. We know everything about each other. That's both good and bad. I wouldn't change it though.

We love the Austin to Boston documentary that you were a part of -- what was it like to be a part of that experience?
It goes down as one of the best most fun experiences we've had as a band. It was so simple. Basically music and friends are fun! It all felt very romantic, and although it was insanely tiring with some massive drives, we were all in it together and the shows and mental times we all had made up for it.

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What is a favorite/craziest tour experience that you've had?
On the Austin to Boston tour we stormed a hotel swimming pool at 2:00am after the gig. The staff were powerless against a bunch of drunk half-naked people running through reception! (Sorry Red Roof Inn in Boston.)

We love your style! How do you all decide what to pack for tours and wear for shows?
Cheers! As a collective we aren't very organised people so it's normally very last minute. It has to be comfy. Sounds boring, but if you're wearing something you have to keep adjusting then you aren't concentrating on the music which is shit. It's basically a race. If someone decides what they're wearing before the other two then the remaining sisters have to work around that person. Kind of an unspoken rule. We all like vintage clothes so I think that helps tie things together sometimes.

What is it like to be playing at so many festivals this summer? Do you develop a kinship with some of the other artists that are playing all of them as well?
We're playing a few U.S and Canadian festivals this summer, yes. We haven't played many stateside so it's going to be cool seeing how they are and how they compare to Euro ones. It's been really nice in the past bumping into people you hardly ever get to see otherwise at festivals. It's kind of where everyone's tour schedules finally cross paths.

What exciting things do you have coming up that we can look forward to?
Well, we're completing a North American tour at the moment, and will be planning more for this year which is very exciting for us. We're definitely going to be making some more music too so stay tuned!

Any artists that we need to add to our radars??
Christof. He has a great EP out right now called Montreal. Beautiful.

Thanks again for chatting with us, Camilla! DC! The Staves will be playing at Rock & Roll Hotel on Monday -- stalk Craigslist for tickets!

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