Monday, May 16, 2016

{RECAP} woods

Last week concert correspondent Alix hopped over to H St to check out Woods at Rock & Roll Hotel. Check out her recap below!

I had a fun time at the Woods show, due in part to their great opener, Ultimate Painting. Both groups play easy-to-listen-to folk/rock music, and Ultimate Painting started off the night with songs that were full of energy while being chill at the same time. “Central Park Blues” was a particularly enjoyable, “tap your toes to the beat” type of song, and I liked “Ten Street” a lot, too. Ultimate Painting was a really polished opener – I’d happily see them headline their own show.

When Woods came on, it took me a few songs to warm up to them. They started with some songs from their new album, City Sun Eater in the River of Light. The songs could best be described as trippy – the lead singer adopted a falsetto style (not my favorite), and his lyrics were interspersed with long sections of repetitive instrumentals that sounded more like static noise than music. From their new album, I thought that "Morning Light” was pretty good.

After playing material from their latest album, they went on to play a few songs from older albums. I much preferred the older songs – they had a stronger beat and were much more energizing, I really enjoyed “Shepherd” from their 2014 album, With Light and With Love. This part of their show was really enjoyable; I had fun listening to the more lively songs from their previous albums. While I prefer their older albums to their newest one, the band members were definitely good performers and put on a good show.

Thanks so much to Alix for reviewing and stay tuned for more!

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