Friday, April 22, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday!! Doesn't it feel like we're due for a long weekend, like, now? Anyway, we hope you make the most of this regular length weekend and enjoy plenty of sunshine!

Your Weekend Jam: I love songs about green eyeballs like mine -- just like “Green My Eyes” by Colleen Green, which is the perfect song to add to your spring road trip playlist.

TIOJ Thoughts: 

The ultimate festival list -- props to Eventbrite for being local event scheduling gurus!

Your fave fictional characters would totes vote for Hillary.

The most hated man on TV is an incredible musician and I don’t know how I feel about it.

Mariah Carey had a Mariah-themed birthday party. I dig her style.

Free! An amaaaaaayzing Bonnaroo mixtape from our friends at Noisetrade!

DC Happenings: Happy Passover! If you feel like going out for a seder this weekend, these places have you covered.

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