Thursday, March 24, 2016

{RECAP} the suffers

Trusty Concert Correspondents Sarah and Sara headed to the 9:30 Club earlier this week to see The Suffers -- check out their review!!

It was 8:45 pm, the 9:30 Club was packed, and every eye was focused on The Suffers' phenomenal frontwoman Kam Franklin. The Suffers, one of the best lives shows to come out of Houston, define themselves as a mix of blues, soul, country, caribbean, cajun styles, and hip hop. With nine members in the band, there is easily enough musical talent to accommodate such variety, and throughout their set each of their styles was on display. The members of the band created an all-encompassing experience, each instrument playing off the other, enhanced by Franklin's unparalleled vocal performance. A voice for the ages, Franklin anchors the horns, the percussion, and the guitars with elegance, grace, and a feisty flare. She's a modern day diva with a voice worthy of the anointment.

It would be easy for any vocal performance to be lost within the sound of eight powerful instruments on stage. Her voice was competing with an entire horn section (!), but Franklin sang as if effortlessly one-upping her band mates, playfully challenging them to keep up. Her voice, energy, and charisma on stage render her the perfect leader for such a charge. Her energy is contagious - by the end of the show her repeated call and response of "What's the name of the band!" ("The Suffers!") "Where are we from!" ("Houston!") was met with joyful enthusiasm from the packed house. It was as if Franklin was challenging the audience to join in the band's playful battle to see if they could keep up, too. 

Seeing The Suffers live is a singular and special musical experience that you won't want to miss when they come your way.

Thanks ladies! Up next: Krista checks out RUFUS DU SOL at U Hall on next Saturday!

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