Wednesday, March 16, 2016

{RECAP} savannah stopover 2016

This week the eyes of the music world are on Austin, but as all of the other music bloggers were RSVP'ing to parties and packing their bags our advance team (a.k.a. Krista’s brother) was in Savannah catching a few of this year’s most buzz worthy acts. Here are his reactions this year’s festivities at Savannah Stopover.

Things I Learned about Savannah: The weather is perfect, the people are friendly, you can drink beer on the street, and a lot of people go there for bachelorette parties. Also, they know how to put together an excellent festival.
[For reference: Things John Didn't Know about Savannah]

Here are a few bands to look for on blogs and summer tours after SXSW, and a few other favorite things from my weekend in Georgia.

Bands to Watch:

Best quiet song played loud live: Your Friend -- “Bangs”

Best loud song played loud live: All Dogs -- “Farm”
Runner Up: Diet Cig -- “Harvard”

Best pop song screamed in unison under a giant sheet: Terror Pigeon -- “Ride Friendship”

Best music to listen to on a porch: Dear Tracks
Runner Up: Porches

Best music to go to bed sad to/ignore while studying: Hospital Ships

Best solo artist to book for your sorority party: Mobley

Best beverages: Coastal Empire’s Coco Pina Gose

Runner Up: Wet Willie’s boozy slushies

Thanks so much to John for escaping Chicago for a week to spend some time down south enjoying some great music! Now on to stalking everyone's social media for SXSW updates!

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