Tuesday, March 22, 2016

{RECAP} jimkata

On St. Patrick's Day Concert Correspondent Alix headed over to Georgetown joint Gypsy Sally's to check out Jimkata! Read ahead for her recap of this new-to-us band (as well as some hard-pass openers)!

I knew virtually nothing about Jimkata when I arrived for their Saint Patrick’s Day show at Gypsy Sallys in Georgetown. The band, which hails from New York, was preceded by two openers, Swift Technique and Heart Racer. Swift Technique’s performance was a bit jumbled – they had a crowded stage with seven or eight people playing instruments or singing, and the jazzy rock music didn’t quite fit the soul-esque style of the singer’s voice. While the instrumentals and vocals weren’t a perfect match, Swift Technique put on an overall fun show, and they were clearly having a great time during their set. The second opener, Heart Racer, was painful. The instrumentals were actually really good, sort of synth-pop-rock with an 80s flair, but the singer was, straight up, terrible. It was a relief when they left the stage.

Finally it was Jimkata’s turn, and they were well worth waiting through the sub-par openers. Jimkata’s music is a mix of pop, rock, and synth, like the openers, but they had a more developed and deep sound. Also unlike the openers, the singer’s voice perfectly complemented the music and instrumentals. The three-man band, made up of a drummer, singer/guitarist, and synthesizer/guitarist, mostly played songs off their new album, In Motion. In Motion is full of upbeat and energetic tracks with “tap your feet” beats --  "Build Me Up" was particularly good. I really enjoyed watching them play – they were so clearly into the music. Gypsy Sally's wasn’t that crowded, but Jimkata put their hearts into their performance, ensuring that those of us who were there had a great time. It was cool to get to see them play in such an intimate venue.

Another part of Jimkata’s show I enjoyed was how they interjected long instrument-only passages into their songs, something I’m unused to hearing at a live show but which worked really well. Their sound is so layered and interesting that it was great to lose myself in those instrumental segments. Their music put me in a really good mood – the show somehow made me feel simultaneously energized and relaxed. I highly recommend checking out their music, and In Motion is a great place to start.

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