Friday, February 26, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Friday has greeted us once more and we are so. damn. happy about it. This week felt ten days long, and we plan on savoring every moment of this weekend before Monday rears it's ugly head again. Happy frolicking, TIOJers!

Your Weekend Jam: Nothing better than Mayer Hawthorne to get you dancing into the weekend with his latest “Love Like That”:

TIOJ Thoughts: 

Sweetlife 2016!

Celebrities you didn’t know were related. (What I could give to be at the Blunt/Tucci Thanksgiving celebrations…)

So much Schmidt.

I can’t, it’s too cold.

Free! I’m not quite sure what/where the Big Ears Festival is, but I sure am loving their mixtape.

And in case you missed it: Krista and Caleb had the chance to see faves Spirit Animal on H Street. Check out their recap!

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