Tuesday, February 16, 2016

{RECAP} galantis

On Saturday night, Caleb and I braved the (almost) sub zero temperatures for our first ever (I know, I know) trip to Echostage to catch Galantis!

What struck me most upon arriving at the venue was how little clothing at least 50% of the concert goers were wearing. It was literally 10 degrees out and there were an obscene number of people in shorts and/or tank tops (bros included). I mentioned something to the lady patting me down at the entrance and she just shook her head at me saying -- "I can't even....". Word, sister.

After actually getting into the venue (still within the warmth of my unattractive and yet SO WARM puffy coat) and putting whiskey gingers in our hands, we immediately started dancing to jams DJ'd by Matthew Koma. I had half expected Matthew to be performing versus DJ'ing since his voice is so great featured on RAC's "Cheap Sunglasses" and Tiesto's "Wasted," but we still definitely enjoyed the jams that he played. That said, I still don't entirely understand the value that he brought as a DJ considering that he's a singer and not a producer (to my knowledge/Soundcloud investigating, at least) but whatever remix of Skrillex/Bieber's "Where Are U Now" he pressed play on was most definitely my jam.

galantis via @tzacnd
The main act of the night was Grammy-nominated duo Galantis whose hit "Peanut Butter Jelly" will forever be one of the best workout songs ever ever ever. Unfortunately, their set was plagued by repeated technical difficulties. Every time they got 30 seconds into a song, complete with choreographed lights and fog machines, the sound immediately cut out while we were all mid head bang. At least that meant we got to hear the intro to their hit "Runaway (U & I)" a couple of times...

In truth, our old drunk bones didn't last the entire Galantis set but we remain totally enamored with this band. Jury's still out on Echostage.

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