Wednesday, February 3, 2016

{PREVIEW} savannah stopover festival

In a few weeks we will be sending our Sad Core/Bedroom Rock corespondent John (a.k.a. Krista's brother) to Savannah, Georgia for the sixth annual Savannah Stopover Festival. The full lineup was announced earlier this week and we asked John to react to the list of bands.

Some of these bands I know well and love, others are a complete mystery, here are my thoughts.

Things I know about Yuck:
  • They love denim
  • They are British
  • Their lead singer left a few years ago, but I guess that’s not a problem
  • They do a great New Order cover 

Things I know about Mr. Little Jeans:
  • I think it is a producer, or someone makes music with a computer
  • I think it is a she but I’m not sure
  • It did an Arcade Fire cover that was amazing and I’m not sure I have ever heard an original Mr. Little Jeans song

Things I know about Prince Rama:
  • They are not Puro Instinct but I often get them confused
  • They are young and sisters and bunches of fun

Things I know about Diet Cig:
  • They are the best new band of 2015 (In my opinion)
  • Alex (the guitarist) has more fun playing music than anyone in the world
  • Noah (the drummer)’s mom stitched some awesome patches for them to sell at their merch table

Things I know about Shilpa Ray:
  • She is one of the most powerful and unique vocalist of our generation
  • They play one of those accordion organ things and it makes the music spooky and spectacular

Things I don’t know about Rainbow Kitten Surprise:
  • Any relation to the band Kitten?
  • What is the surprise?
  • Do they look like this? 

    Click ahead for more!

    Things I know about Terror Pigeon:
    • They were once called Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt but I guess that was too similar to the French Horn Rebellion
    • They are the all-time best party band with crowd antics only matched by Dan Deacon
    • I own a Terror Pigeon-CD, t-shirt, 2 vinyl albums, and a mini disc

    Things I don’t know about Great Peacock:
    • Is it like a giant or legendary peacock or just a good looking peacock?
    • Peacock would have been a good name too, was that taken?

    Thing I know about Chrome Pony:
    • I have never seen them but based on the name I can guarantee at least 2 dudes a synth and coordinated outfits

    Things I know about All Dogs:
    • It is not a band of dogs, mostly women, one guy, no dogs
    • Maryn Jones of Saintseneca and Yowler fame is in the band
    • They are from Ohio and they play rock music, not bedroom rock but also not garage rock, maybe basement guest bedroom rock

    Things I know about Your Friend:
    • She makes the most terrifyingly beautiful and charming sparse pop in the world
    • She has a new album coming out
    • This is one of those shows that I am nervous to see because I don’t want to cry in public, but I know it will be worth it

    Things I know about Savannah:
    • It is in Georgia
    • It is near the sea

    Things I don’t know about Savannah:
    • Do they speak with funny accents?
    • Will it be short sleeve weather?
    • What do I call its citizens? Savanners? Savannians? Savants?

    That’s pretty much all I know and care to speculate on, there are a bunch of other bands that I want to learn more about but can’t because their names are so conventional that they yield no specific google results. Names like; Mothers, Sales, New Madrid, Weekender, Honduras, Howard, and Washer.

    Thanks John -- we can't wait for you to get some of these questions answered next month in Savannah!

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