Monday, February 1, 2016

{PLAYLIST} best of january 2016

Holy cow, we're officially 1/12 through 2016. It feels like it was just New Year's Day. We've had such a snowy and cold month, but that hasn't kept TIOJ from being busy! In January, we:

And in January, we were listening to:

"Anywhere With You" - Jake Owen
This dreary cold has made my wanderlust something fierce.
"A Proper Polish Welcome" - Torres
This youngster (she's only 25!) is super earnest and we are smitten.
"The Sound" - The 1975
Cannot get enough of the new jams from these boys. 
"Youth" - Wild Wild Horses
Charmed by these lovely Brits.
"Runaway" - Aurora
It's no secret that TIOJ has an obsession with Norway and, by extension, Aurora.
"Sorry" - Justin Bieber
Sorry I'm not sorry this was my most-listened to song of the month.
"What Am I Becoming?" - POP ETC.
Can't get enough of these guys -- they're getting me through the snow.
"Magic Hour" - RAC feat. Little Boots
I foresee a lot of desk-dancing to this jam in my future.
"Hollow Life" - Coast Modern
These up-and-comers have me craving warmer weather with this jam. 
"Down in Mexico" - The Coasters
I've watched a lot less Hulu since winter break, which means I haven't heard this song nearly as much.
"Troublemaker" - Grizfolk
I may or may not have a crush on these rockers
"Sleep Talk" - Osca
Jammed to this on repeat during Jonas.
"Take Me Back" - Nate Leavitt and the Elevation
I am so obsessed
"80s Mercedes" - Maren Morris
This is potentially one of the most enjoyable country songs I've heard in the past year and I don't say that lightly...
"Love Myself" - Hailee Steinfeld
THE jam that's help me stick to my 2016 resolutions

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