Monday, February 29, 2016

mashup monday: so hotline

It's been a while since we've had a good Mashup Monday jam and thankfully we're breaking that cycle today! Check out this vibed out mash up of Drake's "Hotline Bling" + Slow Magic and Giraffage produced by mash-up artists extraordinaires, The Hood Internet.

Happy Monday, friends

Saturday, February 27, 2016

{WATCH} live at 9:30

Okay so you technically can't watch this yet... BUT! we had to make sure you knew about an up and coming show that's about to grace your television screens come April -- Live at 9:30! This music variety show will feature concerts and interviews with bands performing at our beloved 9:30 Club. The initial lineup includes some of our favorites like Misterwives, MS MR, Leon Bridges, Lianna La Havas, and more!

Head over to Vimeo to watch the teaser video and get excited! (Methinks Bob Boilen may be hosting, which would be glorious...)

Friday, February 26, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Friday has greeted us once more and we are so. damn. happy about it. This week felt ten days long, and we plan on savoring every moment of this weekend before Monday rears it's ugly head again. Happy frolicking, TIOJers!

Your Weekend Jam: Nothing better than Mayer Hawthorne to get you dancing into the weekend with his latest “Love Like That”:

TIOJ Thoughts: 

Sweetlife 2016!

Celebrities you didn’t know were related. (What I could give to be at the Blunt/Tucci Thanksgiving celebrations…)

So much Schmidt.

I can’t, it’s too cold.

Free! I’m not quite sure what/where the Big Ears Festival is, but I sure am loving their mixtape.

And in case you missed it: Krista and Caleb had the chance to see faves Spirit Animal on H Street. Check out their recap!

{PLAYLIST} fairytale-inspired jams

Maybe we're just wistful because this fight between winter and spring seems never-ending, or maybe we've just been yearning for a simpler time, but lately all we've wanted to do is curl up with our favorite Disney DVD (and wine, duh) and let go of all our stress. This week we're celebrating all those jams that may remind you of once upon a time and transport you to a sweeter, sillier, or potentially more animated place.

Curl up with your favorite pet tiger and press play--aren't you glad you have friends like us?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

the most beautiful lullaby

Breaking news: Morgan Stapleton, wife of Grammy winner Chris Stapleton, is just as talented and amazing as her husband (no surprise there). They teamed up to sing "You Are My Sunshine," which may be a little too much rock for a lullaby, but it's incredibly beautiful all the same.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

{RECAP} spirit animal

On Friday night after a necessary pit stop at Sticky Rice for sushi and tots, we caught Brooklyn's Spirit Animal at Rock & Roll Hotel. The band was celebrating the release of their newest EP World War IV. 

Spirit Animal put on a fun show that was a nice change of pace from our usual concert circuit. Truth: It took me a few songs to realize that my uncertain emotions regarding the lead singer's jeans were coming about because he was the first lead singer I've seen in YEARS who wasn't wearing skinny jeans. Not sure what that means about my taste in music, but I found it notable.

We particularly enjoyed the band's lead single off their upcoming EP "Regular World":

If you're craving some alt-rock, take a listen to Spirit Animal's World War IV EP here!

Monday, February 22, 2016

the knocks + walk the moon!

We would be remiss not to share the latest TIOJ dream collaboration: The Knocks x Walk The Moon!!

We haven't quite decided if it's everything we dreamed it would be just yet but it's certainly worth listening to on repeat a few times as you knock out all of your Monday chores.

What do you think??

{GIVEAWAY} ra ra riot @ 9:30 club

The time is FINALLY here! After a few years without new music -- one of our all-time favorite bands Ra Ra Riot is back! Their latest album Need Your Light just came out last week and to celebrate we're giving away a pair of tickets to their upcoming show at 9:30 Club on March 6!

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 19, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Happy weekend, TIOJ Land! It's going to be beautiful (for February's standards) this weekend, so get out and enjoy the warmth before you brace yourself for more precipitation next week!

Your Weekend Jam: It’s worth watching Kendrick’s Grammy performance again and again.

TIOJ Thoughts:

Can never resist celebs reading mean tweets.

Leslie Knope compliments. 

Better late than never: a beautiful article about the beautiful Sam Hunt.

Adele and Ellen pranking Jamba Juice is straight up hilarious.

Free! An bonus FREE weekend jam from Wingtip. We dare you not to dance to this jam. Download here!

And in case you missed it: There are just a few hours left to win tickets to see The Lone Bellow -- enter now!

And another giveaway! We’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Great Good Fine Ok at Rock & Roll Hotel over on Instagram -- enter by Sunday!

{PLAYLIST} boy bands throwback

We're getting to the point in winter where it just needs to be done. All of the holidays have come and gone, the groundhog lied to us, and we're gazing longingly at all of our sandals. It's the time in winter that calls for the ultimate pick-me-up, which comes in no better form than all of the '90s boy bands that you knew and still love. From the standards like *N SYNC and BSB to some of the ones you might have forgotten about (Westlife, O-Town), we guarantee you will smile while listening to this.

are you team bsb or team nsync?? (via)

Crank it up and sing along:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

{THROWBACK} "flashing lights"

It is no secret that older Kanye is my jam. I mean, I themed my birthday party this past year to his 2007 hit "Flashing Lights." So I'm super excited to share this cover via All Things Go -- it adds a hip electronic beat to this hip hop classic.

Press play and let the head bobbing begin!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

the 1975 takes on the biebs

We all know that The 1975 is back at it, and we're loving it. It should come as no surprise, then, that they covered Justin Bieber's "Sorry" and it is amazing. Listen on repeat all Wednesday long.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

{RECAP} galantis

On Saturday night, Caleb and I braved the (almost) sub zero temperatures for our first ever (I know, I know) trip to Echostage to catch Galantis!

What struck me most upon arriving at the venue was how little clothing at least 50% of the concert goers were wearing. It was literally 10 degrees out and there were an obscene number of people in shorts and/or tank tops (bros included). I mentioned something to the lady patting me down at the entrance and she just shook her head at me saying -- "I can't even....". Word, sister.

After actually getting into the venue (still within the warmth of my unattractive and yet SO WARM puffy coat) and putting whiskey gingers in our hands, we immediately started dancing to jams DJ'd by Matthew Koma. I had half expected Matthew to be performing versus DJ'ing since his voice is so great featured on RAC's "Cheap Sunglasses" and Tiesto's "Wasted," but we still definitely enjoyed the jams that he played. That said, I still don't entirely understand the value that he brought as a DJ considering that he's a singer and not a producer (to my knowledge/Soundcloud investigating, at least) but whatever remix of Skrillex/Bieber's "Where Are U Now" he pressed play on was most definitely my jam.

galantis via @tzacnd
The main act of the night was Grammy-nominated duo Galantis whose hit "Peanut Butter Jelly" will forever be one of the best workout songs ever ever ever. Unfortunately, their set was plagued by repeated technical difficulties. Every time they got 30 seconds into a song, complete with choreographed lights and fog machines, the sound immediately cut out while we were all mid head bang. At least that meant we got to hear the intro to their hit "Runaway (U & I)" a couple of times...

In truth, our old drunk bones didn't last the entire Galantis set but we remain totally enamored with this band. Jury's still out on Echostage.

{GIVEAWAY} the lone bellow @ 9:30 club

It may be a short work week, but that's even more reason for a pick-me-up -- like winning a pair of tickets to see The Lone Bellow on March 1 at the 9:30 Club! We've been so enamored with these guys for so long, and we are so happy to see them touring (and that they're coming to DC for a semi-hometown show!!). If you haven't heard their latest, take a listen to "Fake Roses" off their Then Came the Morning album... and then enter to win below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And as always, if you just can't wait, you can buy your tickets here!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

{WATCH} ok go "upside down and inside out"

Once again, OK Go has outdone themselves with this incredible and visually astounding music video casually shot in zero gravity. Prepare to be amazed...

OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out
Hello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for "Upside Down & Inside Out". A million thanks to S7 Airlines. #GravitysJustAHabit
Posted by OK Go on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Happy Valentine's weekend, lovebirds! We hope you have a great weekend eating too much chocolate and staying cuddly and warm this weekend!

Your Weekend Jam: TIOJ dreamboat Zak Waters, now known as Pretty Sister, is back with a new jam that has us wishing we could trade seeing our breath in DC for seeing palm trees in L.A.

TIOJ Thoughts:

Conversation heart cookies.

Valentine’s day cuddling inspiration.

The Grammy’s are this weekend!

Happy Galentine’s Day!


Free! Galentine's Day tattoos!

DC Happenings: Still need V Day plans? Head to Jammin’ Java for a night full of beautiful covers of classic love songs!

And in case you missed it:
Check out our recap video of Post Malone and Fetty Wap!

{PLAYLIST} valentine's day 2016

Get ready to get cozy. Not only is it Valentine's Day, it is approximately -5 degrees outside, and nothing sounds better than cozying up to a fire (or a space heater) and turning on these lovey songs with your sweetie. Bonus points for breakfast in bed.

our dream v*day breakfast c/o a subtle revelry
Grab your special someone (whether breathing or a blanket) and press play!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

{THROWBACK} "amish paradise"

I have a confession to make. A few weeks ago, I fell into a YouTube rabbit hole and watched a lot of Weird Al Yankovic videos. And I must say, there's some serious wit and intellect going on with that weird man. I think above everything, though, it should be noted (or perhaps never spoken of) that I know every word to "Amish Paradise."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

get ready for the weekend with mac miller

It's HUMP DAY, friends! That means the weekend's almost here and to get you through the last few days until Friday, you've got to take a listen to Mac Miller's new track "Weekend" featuring Miguel.

If you want more Mac, you've gotta listen to this interview where he talks about how he got Miguel to come on this track using Twitter and a Miguel impostor... 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[RECAP} post malone, fetty wap

On Friday night, TIOJ AV Director Caleb and his friend Luis (a.k.a. Louseph LeftFingers) headed up to The Fillmore to catch hip hop dream team Post Malone and Fetty Wap. The highlight of the night was definitely getting to know up-and-comer Post Malone. This 20-year-old is seriously about to blow up (he's already working with Kanye!) -- if you need evidence, just check out how much the crowd loved his hit "White Iverson":

... and because if you're anything like me, you also need your daily dose of Fetty Wap:

Monday, February 8, 2016

FINALLY! new music from the lumineers

PRAISE BE! After literally years of hoping and dreaming, The Lumineers are finally back with new music and it's just as charming as we could have hoped.

Take a listen to "Ophelia" below and wait with bated breath for more to come from their sophomore album Cleopatra out April 8th.

{GIVEAWAY} josh ritter & the royal city band

We are thrilled to announce a new giveaway for one of our favorites, Josh Ritter and his band of merry men (the Royal City Band) for their show at the 9:30 Club on 2/24! This Americana singer-songwriter is so, so captivating live, and we're so excited to give a lucky reader the chance to hear his latest album "Sermon On The Rocks" up close and personal.


In case you need an excuse to find Josh Ritter more charming than you already do, he released a handwritten lyric video for his jam "Getting Ready To Get Down" and it's pretty adorable.

Enter to win two tickets below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you just can't leave it to chance, order your tickets here! Every ticket purchased through the 9:30 Club comes with a free download of "Sermon On The Rocks!" 

Friday, February 5, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, TIOJers! It's Super Bowl weekend, there's barely any snow left on the ground, and according to our old pal Punxsutawney Phil, spring is not far off. We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Your Weekend Jam: Start your weekend dancing to the latest from RUFUS DU SOL -- “Say A Prayer for Me.” (DC! Mark your calendars for their show coming up on April 2!)

TIOJ Thoughts:

Live flow of hip hop #1s since the ‘80s -- so fun!

Can’t wait for this Bowie medley by the Gags.

More on Bernie Sanders’ musical career.

Tidal vs. Pandora vs. Google Play: where do your fave celeb's loyalties lie?

Free! "Would You Be Mine" by Dwan Hill is the perfect little ditty for the week before Valentines. And lucky for's FREE.

DC Happenings: Crafty Bastards: Cabin Fever is going down this weekend -- get your wallets ready!

And in case you missed it: It's time again for FOOTBALL. The Super Bowl is this Sunday, chickens, and we made a playlist just for you!  In other news, brother of TIOJ, John, previewed the amazing upcoming Savannah Stopover with some scintillating observations and questions.

{PLAYLIST} super bowl 2016

It's Super Bowl weekend again, and while we may not be 100% drawn in by this year's matchup or the halftime performance (bring back Beyonce!), give us an excuse for buffalo chicken dip for dinner, and we'll take it. Plus, for various reasons, we're pretty intrigued by some extracurricular elements of the event -- namely San Francisco and the Hall of Fame announcement. Regardless, Sunday night is sure to be a great cap to the weekend.

Press play and practice your touchdown dance!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

bernie + vampire weekend

Just a little something to whet your palette before the debate tonight...

via Pigeons & Planes

{THROWBACK} "the river"

As you know, I saw Bruce Springsteen the other night, and, as you know, I am still in complete awe of how badass this man is. Seriously, he is 66 years old. And he didn't stop playing once. Ah. May. Zing.

This concert was unlike any of the previous (five!) Bruce shows I've been to in the past because he completely highlighted The River. Though I was unfamiliar with about 2/3 of this album, it is a really cool thing to hear an album played in its entirety, especially when it's one as powerful as this one.

Even though this was from a concert 26 years ago, Friday night's show was not too different than this:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

{PREVIEW} savannah stopover festival

In a few weeks we will be sending our Sad Core/Bedroom Rock corespondent John (a.k.a. Krista's brother) to Savannah, Georgia for the sixth annual Savannah Stopover Festival. The full lineup was announced earlier this week and we asked John to react to the list of bands.

Some of these bands I know well and love, others are a complete mystery, here are my thoughts.

Things I know about Yuck:
  • They love denim
  • They are British
  • Their lead singer left a few years ago, but I guess that’s not a problem
  • They do a great New Order cover 

Things I know about Mr. Little Jeans:
  • I think it is a producer, or someone makes music with a computer
  • I think it is a she but I’m not sure
  • It did an Arcade Fire cover that was amazing and I’m not sure I have ever heard an original Mr. Little Jeans song

Things I know about Prince Rama:
  • They are not Puro Instinct but I often get them confused
  • They are young and sisters and bunches of fun

Things I know about Diet Cig:
  • They are the best new band of 2015 (In my opinion)
  • Alex (the guitarist) has more fun playing music than anyone in the world
  • Noah (the drummer)’s mom stitched some awesome patches for them to sell at their merch table

Things I know about Shilpa Ray:
  • She is one of the most powerful and unique vocalist of our generation
  • They play one of those accordion organ things and it makes the music spooky and spectacular

Things I don’t know about Rainbow Kitten Surprise:
  • Any relation to the band Kitten?
  • What is the surprise?
  • Do they look like this? 

    Click ahead for more!

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    bob moses is my jam

    One of the perks of last week's snowcation was the ability to watch a ton of talk shows -- from all four hours of the Today show (guilty...) to Ellen. And after I watched Jack Black dance his head off, Ellen introduced me to Canada's Bob Moses. I love them.

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    {GIVEAWAY} best coast + wavves @ 9:30 club

    We may be deep into winter but Best Coast and Wavves are bringing the summer vibes back with their Summer Is Forever tour set to roll through DC at the 9:30 Club on February 16. So if you're ready for a night full of Cali surfer vibes with this real life couple -- get to clicking below!

    So grab your coolest pair of shades and enter via Rafflecopter below!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    {PLAYLIST} best of january 2016

    Holy cow, we're officially 1/12 through 2016. It feels like it was just New Year's Day. We've had such a snowy and cold month, but that hasn't kept TIOJ from being busy! In January, we:

    And in January, we were listening to:

    "Anywhere With You" - Jake Owen
    This dreary cold has made my wanderlust something fierce.
    "A Proper Polish Welcome" - Torres
    This youngster (she's only 25!) is super earnest and we are smitten.
    "The Sound" - The 1975
    Cannot get enough of the new jams from these boys. 
    "Youth" - Wild Wild Horses
    Charmed by these lovely Brits.
    "Runaway" - Aurora
    It's no secret that TIOJ has an obsession with Norway and, by extension, Aurora.
    "Sorry" - Justin Bieber
    Sorry I'm not sorry this was my most-listened to song of the month.
    "What Am I Becoming?" - POP ETC.
    Can't get enough of these guys -- they're getting me through the snow.
    "Magic Hour" - RAC feat. Little Boots
    I foresee a lot of desk-dancing to this jam in my future.
    "Hollow Life" - Coast Modern
    These up-and-comers have me craving warmer weather with this jam. 
    "Down in Mexico" - The Coasters
    I've watched a lot less Hulu since winter break, which means I haven't heard this song nearly as much.
    "Troublemaker" - Grizfolk
    I may or may not have a crush on these rockers
    "Sleep Talk" - Osca
    Jammed to this on repeat during Jonas.
    "Take Me Back" - Nate Leavitt and the Elevation
    I am so obsessed
    "80s Mercedes" - Maren Morris
    This is potentially one of the most enjoyable country songs I've heard in the past year and I don't say that lightly...
    "Love Myself" - Hailee Steinfeld
    THE jam that's help me stick to my 2016 resolutions

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