Friday, January 22, 2016

weekend thoughts...

SNOW DAY FRIDAY! We hope your blizzard weekend finds you warm and cozy, coloring in your new adult coloring book, and eating junk food because calories don't count on snow days. Stay safe out there, kiddos!

Your Weekend Jam: A new one from RAC featuring Little Boots for dancing around to while you tele-"work": 

TIOJ Thoughts:

Bernie Sanders’ folk album.

Millennial bingo for your snow day.

An ABBA reunion! At Mamma Mia restaurant!

In sports news, this year’s Caps are the best.

The current state of the 14th Street Trader Joe's.

Free! Reigen Miller is back with a dreamy cover of "I Want To Know What Love Is" available for DL on Soundcloud!

DC Happenings: Get your hats and mittens on -- SNOW WARS is coming! Sunday at 10am!

And in case you missed it: Just a few hours left to win tix to see Grizfolk! Hurry hurry!

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