Monday, January 25, 2016

{RECAP} torres

Our latest concert correspondent Corrine headed over to Rock & Roll Hotel to check out Torres -- read her recap below!

I admit I went into the TORRES show with an agenda: alone at a concert for the first time in years, I was going to drink some beers and soak in the lady rage. Looking around the cozy but slightly too-narrow barroom, I was surprised by the number of dudes (but not the amount of flannel!) in the audience. Is a TORRES show the best place for a date? Maybe? Maybe not?

photo via @tinydesk
She came on stage with the full intensity she brings to her incredible (and devastating, and hilarious, and beautiful) 2015 album Sprinter. At first, we weren’t quite with her—her seriousness seemed a little out of place in a cheerful crowd of millennials, proud of themselves for making it out on a Tuesday—but by the third song, "Cowboy Guilt," we got there. TORRES cracked a smile, still amused by the darkly funny song even after eight months on the road. I was impressed.

From then on, we were all on the same team, in on the joke, and having a great time. Live, her voice retained all of the raw, throaty power it has on the album, and she performed with a sincerity that gave her sharp lyrics an extra punch. When we got to "A Proper Polish Welcome," closing her eyes and singing “I wish I was the sea,” I speak for all of us when I say, TORRES, I hope you get everything you want.

There are a lot of ways to fall in love with an artist, a song, an album. But there’s something particularly wonderful about listening to something that feels true to your own life, that feels immediately applicable. At the end of the show, she performed "Strange Hellos," a song that, at least in part, is about being honest over being nice, and not apologizing for your feelings. “Heather I’m sorry that your mother, diseased in the brain, cannot recall your name. Heather I dreamt that I forgave, but that only comes in waves, I hate you all the same.” It’s a privilege men are given, but that women have to fight, all of their lives. TORRES has the ability to be both wounded and menacing, to sing in a way that threatens, if you look beneath the surface, you might find something terrifying, and beautiful, and liberating.

So, I hope that there are a lot of young ladies out there finding her music and embracing that angry part in themselves that tells them, “hey, maybe a lot of this is bullshit.” That this world wasn’t built for us, and it’s ok to get pissed off and need love at the same time.

Happy Birthday, TORRES. At 25, you don’t sound like a tired woman—you sound like a real badass.

Thanks to Corrine for the awesome recap! Stay tuned for more recaps post-snowpocalypse!

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