Friday, January 8, 2016

{PLAYLIST} 10 bands to watch in 2016

It's our favorite tradition for the new year! Time to predict which bands we think will make it big in 2015! Do you have any suggestions for bands that are about to bust the music scene wide open in 2016? Tell us in the comments, below!

1. Wet
This band slays us -- their songs are just so gorgeous and emotional and we would like an entire album full of them in 2016, please and thank you.

2. Troye Sivan
SO our pick of Troye technically breaks the rules since he's already released an album -- but it was recently so we'll let it slide. Plus, we heard "Wild" playing at a bar in Arlington -- a clear sign of future pop success.

3. Aurora
Okay so we predicted last year that Aurora would make it big and we think 2016 is going to be the year. I mean she's Norwegian, so she's pretty much got it in the bag.

4. Erik Hassle
We have high hopes for this IYL alum and Swede who has been a critical force in our 2015 workouts.

5. Franceso Yates
This curly haired youngster impressed the crowd at Jess Glynne's show this year and with his infectious feature on "Sugar," we have a good feeling that he'll be making a name for himself this year. (For the record, we called this in 2014...)

6. Coast Modern
Okay so we haven't posted on this band yet and they only have one song on Spotify but... it's SO GOOD. Think Vacationer's cool cousins...

7. Stove
This folksy solo act gives off a nonchalant vibe and is a perfect way to get your Ryan Adams fix in 2016.

8. Kehlani
Kehlani is clearly one of the young guns in modern R&B. She's only 20 and already knocking our socks off with her debut.

9. Maren Morris
This country stunner already has been turning heads in 2015, but we think 2016 is the year she'll really break out. Look out, Carrie Underwood.

There's no way that Wasteland's Kelsey Byrne won't capture you with her rich vocals and hypnotic beats.

Check out our compiled playlist of all our favorite up-and-coming bands here

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