Friday, November 27, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Happy Black Friday! Whether you've been shopping all day or decorating for Christmas, we hope you've had a great day and have a wonderful weekend in store!

Your Weekend Jam: HONNE’s “Gone Are The Days” is the perfect jam for your travels this weekend -- an enticing beat for you to dance in your plane/train/automobile seat to while not being too overpowering as you recover from eating too much.

TIOJ Thoughts: 

If Clueless were set in 2015.

Justin Bieber’s Nirvana t-shirts.

All of these movies are my faaaaaavorites!!

Adele, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots play “Hello” with classroom instruments.

Free! Your favorite jams that you’ve heard on TV, found on Noisetrade!

DC Happenings: Frank Sinatra would be 100 this year, and there’s an exhibit on him at the Museum of American History!

And in case you missed it: Sara checked out White Reaper before we took some time off to celebrate Thanksgiving!!

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