Tuesday, November 24, 2015

{RECAP} white reaper

Last week  fearless Concert Correspondent Sara Grant headed over to DC9 to check out White Reaper. Check out her recap below!

White Reaper, pop-punk outfit from Louisville, Kentucky, on tour in promotion of their 2015 release White Reaper Has Done It Again have, well, Done It Again at DC9 on Tuesday.

The band has a way of seeming simultaneously very personal while also embodying the we're-all-about-to-fully-experience-this-moment-together-y-ness of well-executed punk shows. There's a feeling you get when listening to a White Reaper song that you are very much in the present moment -- rocking out and being enraptured by the band's abilities -- while also being transported to a memory from a time or feeling you may have forgotten, one in which White Reaper would have been the perfect soundtrack.

epic pic c/o Sara's busted camera phone
The fully-present-in-the-moment thing was well achieved by the foursome. Their banter was minimal. The longest on-stage monologue was at the beginning of the show; a beckoning for concert-goers to approach the stage. "Get closer, there's a rock concert happening up here!" The music did the rest. A tearing, sweaty, high-gear 35-minute set with barely a break between songs. That kind of skilled and all-out, non-stop musicianship allows the audience to ride the wave of the set. To really "be there."

There's another side to an effective punk show that is the surfacing of memories which, rather than being remarkable in themselves, transport you to a familiar feeling. For me, there I was suddenly back in the 90s, trapped in traffic on Route 3 riding from Boston to Cape Cod for the weekend in my friend's parents' beat up Jeep Cherokee (yes with the wood panel). No AC, pavement on fire, each second longer than the last. Dissatisfaction with a hint of hopeful excitement for what's to come - that is adolescence, that is punk, and that was this White Reaper show.

White Reaper proved a friend who is alongside you in these moments - when you're feeling trapped by boredom or restlessness, and when you're celebrating a release from said boredom, or when you're twenty seven and still dancing on the stage at DC9 with your friends. It was truly remarkable that in such a short time, the band was able to bring all of that out. It was enjoyable to be taken on that trip with White Reaper on Tuesday, and I would encourage you to be transported when they swing by your neck of the woods.

Next Up: We'll be taking a quick break from shows this week (if you don't count Grandma singing to herself as she bastes the turkey) -- Happy Thanksgiving!!

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