Tuesday, November 10, 2015

{RECAP} waters, misterwives

Trusty Concert Correspondent Jurg headed over to the 9:30 Club on Sunday night to check out faaaaaves (and our most recent interview alumni!!) Misterwives. Check out her recap below!

Sunday night was the very last show of Misterwives' Scrapbook Tour (from which they intend to make an actual, physical scrapbook! Crafty!) and what a show it was! The night was packed with energy and emotion from the performers, and left us audience members in awe.

We got there for the second opener, WATERS, who took to the stage fully decked out in Misterwives tees, showing so much love for their tourmates. Their set was upbeat, with a youthful vibe that got everyone moving. They also busted out a sweet "Wrecking Ball" cover! Check out "Got To My Head" below:

Misterwives set the whimsical tone for their set, entering to "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka. Lead singer Mandy Lee was rocking a sweet "Misterwivez" mesh top and half a head of cornrows. She peppered the time in between songs with inspirational tidbits, and even performed some pushups as part of her intro to "Not Your Way."

I love Misterwives' album, but their live show is just on another level . The distinct instruments all seem to come through much stronger, and Mandy's voice is a magical, powerful thing. She added so much to the songs with many improvised runs, showing off her incredible vocal control and pitch. I was trying to pick a favorite song of the set, but it proved impossible!

They did several covers and samples throughout the set -- "Can't Feel My Face," "PYT," "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," and a snippet of "Landslide" in the middle of "Coffins." I'm usually pretty skeptical of covers, but Misterwives has an amazing ability to capture the spirit of the originals, while still owning them fully.

Be sure to check Misterwives (and WATERS!) out in 2016!

Thank you to Jurg for the recap!! Up next: Caleb checks out Those Darlins and Shaky Graves at 9:30 Club on Sunday!

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