Monday, November 9, 2015


On Friday night Caleb and I raced over to the 9:30 Club after a long work week to start off our weekend with an early show at the 9:30 Club featuring Brothertiger and JR JR (a.ka. the artists formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.).

Unfortunately because of the early start time we missed synthpop band Brothertiger's set which was such a bummer because they're one of my most favorite new finds. Join me and pretend you saw them live by watching this video on repeat:

Luckily we DID get to catch most of JR JR's set as we walked in to their smooth and auto-tuned jam "James Dean" off their most recent album. The band immediately captured our attention with the huge JR JR lights that they had accompanying them on stage which lit up in perfect harmony with their songs, totally capturing the funky aesthetic of the band.

pic via @johnbrodish
JR JR was just fun to put it simply. Their music was great and danceable, taking notes from hip hop and funk tracks here and there and their personalities were infectious. We were particularly enamored as lead singer Daniel theorized that DC crowds are always the best for the band because DC's population is just as eclectic as JR JR's music -- both have pretty much the best parts of everything. We fully support this theory.

The band played mostly jams off their new album -- favorites of which included "Hypothetical" (which segued into a cover of TLC's "Waterfalls -- SWOON), "In The Middle" and, of course, their hit single "Gone." That song is the happiest breakup song I've ever heard and I never want it out of my head. And my night was totally made as the band finished off by playing my life theme song: "If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't On The Dance Floor)".

If you haven't yet, be sure to listen to the band's latest album and don't hesitate to grab tickets the next time they're in town!

Next Up: Stay tuned for Jurg's recap of Misterwives' show at 9:30 Club the other night!

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