Friday, October 2, 2015

weekend thoughts...

How is it already October already? Wasn't it just yesterday we were all sunning ourselves by our pools and basking in the summer laziness?

Your Weekend Jam: This sultry ODESZA track feat. Little Dragon is just the jam to kick off your fall weekend on a sexy note.

TIOJ Thoughts: may be dead but OUR JAMS LIVE ON!

Do your music tastes change with the season?

Newly obsessed with Scream Queens.

Stay SAFE as Joaquin approaches, TIOJers!

This trend is pretty fab. And attractive.

Free! This free sampler from The Saint Johns is so mellow and so damn pretty.

DC Happenings: We'll be at RECESS on Saturday night dancing to The Hood Internet Basscamp +more! Join us, won't you? Did we mention the open bar?!

And in case you missed it: Concert Correspondent Alix covered a fab OMAM show, we talked about creativity with our new BFF May, and celebrated all our September happenings!

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