Wednesday, October 28, 2015

{RECAP} the darkness

Concert Correspondent Stacia believes in a thing called love, so she headed up to Silver Spring to catch The Darkness on Sunday night. Read her recap below!

If the Vikings jammed out to heavy rock in their villages, they would have felt right at home Sunday night at the Fillmore, as the bagpipes played and the lightshow began before The Darkness took stage. As the fog cleared and the house lights went up, lead singer Justin Hawkins, donning a skintight black and white striped suit, opened with the song "Barbarian," off of their latest album, Last of Our Kind.

While the last label I would give myself is a heavy metal enthusiast, my nostalgia for the band’s 2003 single, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love," off their album Permission To Land, drew me to the concert. With little more knowledge, I made my way to Silver Spring. Was I in for a night!

The night was not a concert, it was truly a performance. At times I felt I had been transported back to the 1970s, and thought “this is how people must have felt, going to a true rock & roll concert.” The band, offering a similar resemblance to Queen, entertained the crowd with metallic songs like "Mudslide," but softer ballads as well -- all while still staying true to their rock roots. Each song offered its own unique sound. I was impressed by their song "Growing On Me," which pumped up the crowd with its catchy beat. The music was only one element of this fantastic performance. I was incredibly impressed by how engaging Hawkins was with the crowd. Not only did he connect with the audience through hilarious sarcasm, but this eccentric 40-year-old guitarist and lead vocalist made you feel like you were one of his pals.

This is all preface to say that the person who really stole the show, was a 20-something named Karla. About a third of the way through the night, Hawkins noticed Karla rocking it out at the front of the stage and called her over to amp up the crowd. What can only be described as interpretive dance, Karla stayed on stage for over five songs, rousing the crowd and acting as Hawkins on-stage muse. At one point there were three audience members on stage (two guys dancing next to drummer Rufus Taylor), but it was Karla getting the encore.

Between the high energy of all the band members (yes, there were stage jumps, set changes and costume reveals) to light shows and engaging the crowd, this was truly an unforgettable performance. This UK band of yesteryear, with their appropriately named album, Last Of Our Kind, officially made a comeback and proved that their style is sincerely unapologetic.

Thank you so much to Stacia for this review!! Up next: Caleb's recap of Charged Up Fest, and Morgan checks out Joanna Gruesome on Sunday!

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