Saturday, October 31, 2015

{PLAYLIST} best of october 2015

First and foremost, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We hope you're ready to be creepy and spooky and ghouly tonight. But before that, won't you take a look back at October with us? In October, we:

Press play and enjoy!

    "61 Cygni Ave" - Neon Indian
    We loved dancing to Neon Indian's new album!
    "Backroad Song" - Granger Smith
    Can't it be summer just a little longer so I can listen to this song with the windows down?
    "Make This Leap" - The Hunts
    Folksy, from Virginia and family? What's more to love?
    "WILD" - Troye Silvan
    Obsessed with our autumn playlist.
    "One of Us" - Dan Croll
    Perfect song to dancedancedance to. 
    "Gone" - JR JR
    Different name, same swagger. 
    "Weak" - Wet
    So pleased Wet is back!!
    "FourFive Seconds" - The Janes 
    This song always makes me sad for the world when I remember that our generation didn't know who Paul McCartney was. But I love this cover.
    "The Love Within" - Bloc Party
    I can't live without new music from Bloc Party.
    "Seventeen" - Sjowgren
    Our newest fall discovery.
    "Shadowplay" - The Saint Johns
    I want this song to be on Nashville.
    "Blackbird" - Paul McCartney
    The Hozier cover of this classic is amazing, but it'll never beat the original.
    "Sugar" - Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates
    Our newest guilty pleasure
    "Road to Canaan" - Sons of Bill
    My #1 fave, forever and always.

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