Wednesday, October 28, 2015

music-themed halloween costumes!

Halloween is Saturday and if you're anything like us, you still haven't decided on what you want to be for Halloween. Mix things up from grabbing your standard pair of ears to be "a mouse, duh" (no judgement, we've done it) and try one of our one of music-themed Halloween costume suggestions below!

You + Your Boo

Omi + His "Cheerleader"
What better way to keep summer alive than by re-creating the song of the summer?

yes, we picture T-Swift as his cheerleader... (via 1 ,2)

Get the look:
Him: A beachy shirt + panama hat + shades
Her: Your finest cheerleader costume -- don't forget a high pony and pom-poms!

John Lennon and Yoko Ono
If you're feeling like a good throwback, leave the flatiron at home and channel this notorious couple for a comfortable and peaceful night out.

Get the look:
Both: Pajamas + peace signs
For John: Round glasses, guitar optional
For Yoko: Tulips + killer confidence around John's friends

You + Your Girls

Grab your two best besties and your flat iron for this easy costume! (Bonus points for grabbing your blonde friend to be your Taylor Swift... #squadgoals)

Get the look:
Este: Dark printed dress or skirt + red lip
Alana: Short cut offs + dark muscle tee
Danielle: Leather jacket + skinny black pants
All: Straight hair + booties +  attitude


Miley Cyrus at the VMAs
Halloween is truly about wearing minimal clothing so why not channel this eye-popping pop star? Or really any other slightly deranged pop star for that matter...


Get the look:
Miley: Nude slip + random ish from the dollar store taped onto your body strategically 
BONUS IDEA: Not feeling Miley? Slap some fake bacon on your slip and call yourself Lady Gaga instead! Slap on some pasties over low-cut jeans and you've got yourself a Lil' Kim! This idea works for all crazed pop stars!

Happy Halloween! Let us know what other music-themed costumes you'll be trying out this weekend!

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