Saturday, October 31, 2015

{PLAYLIST} best of october 2015

First and foremost, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We hope you're ready to be creepy and spooky and ghouly tonight. But before that, won't you take a look back at October with us? In October, we:

Press play and enjoy!

    "61 Cygni Ave" - Neon Indian
    We loved dancing to Neon Indian's new album!
    "Backroad Song" - Granger Smith
    Can't it be summer just a little longer so I can listen to this song with the windows down?
    "Make This Leap" - The Hunts
    Folksy, from Virginia and family? What's more to love?
    "WILD" - Troye Silvan
    Obsessed with our autumn playlist.
    "One of Us" - Dan Croll
    Perfect song to dancedancedance to. 
    "Gone" - JR JR
    Different name, same swagger. 
    "Weak" - Wet
    So pleased Wet is back!!
    "FourFive Seconds" - The Janes 
    This song always makes me sad for the world when I remember that our generation didn't know who Paul McCartney was. But I love this cover.
    "The Love Within" - Bloc Party
    I can't live without new music from Bloc Party.
    "Seventeen" - Sjowgren
    Our newest fall discovery.
    "Shadowplay" - The Saint Johns
    I want this song to be on Nashville.
    "Blackbird" - Paul McCartney
    The Hozier cover of this classic is amazing, but it'll never beat the original.
    "Sugar" - Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates
    Our newest guilty pleasure
    "Road to Canaan" - Sons of Bill
    My #1 fave, forever and always.

    Friday, October 30, 2015

    weekend thoughts...

    Happy Halloween Eve ghosty friends! We hope you have an awesome and spooky weekend full of too much candy, witty costumes, and sleeping in on Sunday (with an extra hour of sleep!). Start the weekend with a roundup of our favorite Halloween-themed links!

    Your Weekend Jam: Okay so this jam isn’t technically on theme BUT it’s new St. Lucia -- who cares. Get to dancing, people!

    TIOJ spoooOOOOoooooky Thoughts:

    Bow down witches.

    Dogs in Halloween costumes.

    Halloween candy and beer pairings.

    Halloween Dad jokes. (I lol-ed.)

    Candy trade values.

    DC Happenings: It's Halloween -- go to festive things via BYT's Halloween Guide!

    And in case you missed it: Last minute music-themed costume ideas!

    And! We compiled a MEGA Halloween playlist on Spotify.

    {PLAYLIST} halloween 2015

    Happpppy Halloween!! It's our most favorite, spookiest night of the year when, essentially, anything goes. Want to be Frankenstein's ex-wife? Totally okay. Eat a ton of Reese's pumpkins and watch Hocus Pocus? Equally okay. Be even braver and watch a real scary movie? You're our hero. Whatever your plans are, we hope that your weekend is made extra creepy with these here jams.

    Press play -- if you dare...

    Still craving some spookiness? We compiled ALL of our past Halloween playlists into a MEGA PLAYLIST here!

    Thursday, October 29, 2015

    {THROWBACK} "i can't wait"

    Have you guys seen the Target commercials for plaid with Icona Pop and QuestLove singing "I Can't Wait"? I have, and I love it. (Pun = INTENDED.)

    And now that I've been introduced to the original song, by Nu Shooz, and I love that too.

    {THROWBACK} "blackbird"

    One of 2015's favorite artist Hozier is inspiring Throwback Thursday yet again -- this time with an amped up version of Paul McCartney's classic "Blackbird."

    I dare you not to want to sway softly to the original after that performance:

    Want more? Catch Kurt's rendition of the classic on Glee. #FEELINGS

    via Cover Me Songs

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015

    {RECAP} the darkness

    Concert Correspondent Stacia believes in a thing called love, so she headed up to Silver Spring to catch The Darkness on Sunday night. Read her recap below!

    If the Vikings jammed out to heavy rock in their villages, they would have felt right at home Sunday night at the Fillmore, as the bagpipes played and the lightshow began before The Darkness took stage. As the fog cleared and the house lights went up, lead singer Justin Hawkins, donning a skintight black and white striped suit, opened with the song "Barbarian," off of their latest album, Last of Our Kind.

    While the last label I would give myself is a heavy metal enthusiast, my nostalgia for the band’s 2003 single, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love," off their album Permission To Land, drew me to the concert. With little more knowledge, I made my way to Silver Spring. Was I in for a night!

    The night was not a concert, it was truly a performance. At times I felt I had been transported back to the 1970s, and thought “this is how people must have felt, going to a true rock & roll concert.” The band, offering a similar resemblance to Queen, entertained the crowd with metallic songs like "Mudslide," but softer ballads as well -- all while still staying true to their rock roots. Each song offered its own unique sound. I was impressed by their song "Growing On Me," which pumped up the crowd with its catchy beat. The music was only one element of this fantastic performance. I was incredibly impressed by how engaging Hawkins was with the crowd. Not only did he connect with the audience through hilarious sarcasm, but this eccentric 40-year-old guitarist and lead vocalist made you feel like you were one of his pals.

    This is all preface to say that the person who really stole the show, was a 20-something named Karla. About a third of the way through the night, Hawkins noticed Karla rocking it out at the front of the stage and called her over to amp up the crowd. What can only be described as interpretive dance, Karla stayed on stage for over five songs, rousing the crowd and acting as Hawkins on-stage muse. At one point there were three audience members on stage (two guys dancing next to drummer Rufus Taylor), but it was Karla getting the encore.

    Between the high energy of all the band members (yes, there were stage jumps, set changes and costume reveals) to light shows and engaging the crowd, this was truly an unforgettable performance. This UK band of yesteryear, with their appropriately named album, Last Of Our Kind, officially made a comeback and proved that their style is sincerely unapologetic.

    Thank you so much to Stacia for this review!! Up next: Caleb's recap of Charged Up Fest, and Morgan checks out Joanna Gruesome on Sunday!

    music-themed halloween costumes!

    Halloween is Saturday and if you're anything like us, you still haven't decided on what you want to be for Halloween. Mix things up from grabbing your standard pair of ears to be "a mouse, duh" (no judgement, we've done it) and try one of our one of music-themed Halloween costume suggestions below!

    You + Your Boo

    Omi + His "Cheerleader"
    What better way to keep summer alive than by re-creating the song of the summer?

    yes, we picture T-Swift as his cheerleader... (via 1 ,2)

    Get the look:
    Him: A beachy shirt + panama hat + shades
    Her: Your finest cheerleader costume -- don't forget a high pony and pom-poms!

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono
    If you're feeling like a good throwback, leave the flatiron at home and channel this notorious couple for a comfortable and peaceful night out.

    Get the look:
    Both: Pajamas + peace signs
    For John: Round glasses, guitar optional
    For Yoko: Tulips + killer confidence around John's friends

    You + Your Girls

    Grab your two best besties and your flat iron for this easy costume! (Bonus points for grabbing your blonde friend to be your Taylor Swift... #squadgoals)

    Get the look:
    Este: Dark printed dress or skirt + red lip
    Alana: Short cut offs + dark muscle tee
    Danielle: Leather jacket + skinny black pants
    All: Straight hair + booties +  attitude


    Miley Cyrus at the VMAs
    Halloween is truly about wearing minimal clothing so why not channel this eye-popping pop star? Or really any other slightly deranged pop star for that matter...


    Get the look:
    Miley: Nude slip + random ish from the dollar store taped onto your body strategically 
    BONUS IDEA: Not feeling Miley? Slap some fake bacon on your slip and call yourself Lady Gaga instead! Slap on some pasties over low-cut jeans and you've got yourself a Lil' Kim! This idea works for all crazed pop stars!

    Happy Halloween! Let us know what other music-themed costumes you'll be trying out this weekend!

    Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    embracing the "supernatural" with cameron calloway

    BOO! It's HALLOWEEN WEEK -- which means we're listening to spooky scary songs on repeat ALL week. Before we get to the playlists, we had to kick things off with an acoustic version of Cameron Calloway's "Supernatural."

    Be sure to listen through for the "Thriller" sample. Because what is Halloween if you don't listen to "Thriller" at least 13 times?

    Monday, October 26, 2015

    {GIVEAWAY} rac @ 9:30 club

    Monday got you down? NEVER FEAR! We've got some poppy jams AND a giveaway to see longtime TIOJ favorite RAC at the 9:30 Club on November 10.

    Need some convincing? Get your fingers clicking with the latest from RAC!

    Enter via Rafflecopter below!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Saturday, October 24, 2015

    {WATCH} kurt cobain: montage of heck

    Truth be told, I know relatively little about Kurt Cobain -- I was just a few years too young and much too girly to have been caught up in the Nirvana frenzy of the '90s. So it was with a very open mind that I watched the recent documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck about the late Nirvana frontman.

    As evidenced by all of the accolades in the trailer, this documentary is incredible. Filled with home videos of a young Kurt, home movies taken by Courtney Love while the two were newlyweds, and animated replications of entries from Kurt's diary -- this film shines an incredibly insightful light into this tragic star's life.

    Regardless of what you may or may not know about Cobain or Nirvana (did you know Dave Grohl was their drummer? I had no clue, dude.) -- I highly recommend taking a few hours to sit down with this documentary. It is available for streaming on HBO GO.

    Friday, October 23, 2015

    weekend thoughts...

    Friday, you sneaky temptress, we meet again. TIOJers, we hope your weekend is full of spooky movies, red wine, and cozy clothes.

    Your Weekend Jam: Horace Mann’s “Lovefool” is witty, catchy, and infectious -- never has a man’s plight about being in love with a lesbian been so danceable.

    TIOJ Thoughts: 

    Forget Halloween, we’re ready for Christmas.


    Proud to say I recognized over half of these obscure ‘00s boy bands.

    Halloween jams from Oh Happy Day to get you in the spooky mood!


    Free! Stop the presses, Noisetrade is offering a free Ben Rector sampler with seven (!) amazing, incredible, somber, earnest tracks!

    DC Happenings: Charged Up music festival is in NoMa this weekend!

    And in case you missed it: Krista jumped at the chance to see Neon Indian perform live at the 9:30 Club!

    {PLAYLIST} songs about girls part iii

    Whether it's Michael Jackson singing about Dirty Diana, or good old Dolly P. crooning about that hussy Jolene, songs about girls never ever disappoint. And yeah, maybe we're biased--we'd certainly love it if someone wrote a song called "Krista, Kristen and Stacey, Oh How I Love Thee"--but songs about girls are all the most evocative, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and captivating, no?

    Sit back, press play, and enjoy some songs about girls who were lucky (or unlucky) enough to have someone write a song about them!

    Don't see your name in this list? Look for it here and here!

    Thursday, October 22, 2015

    {THROWBACK} "yeah 3x"

    I felt really old the other day when I realized this little old blog was alive when I heard a jam I considered a throwback. Or maybe that means that This Is Our Jam is getting up there in age. But way back in 2011, Chris Brown (around the time he started going off the rails) released "Yeah 3x." And it's still such a wonderful jam.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015

    "backroad song" vs. "take a backroad"

    We're getting country in today's episode of compare and contrast. In particular, we're looking at backroads. Having lived 95% of my life in the DC suburbs, this is something I'm entirely unfamiliar with... but I really like the concept of it.

    First up is country newcomer Granger Smith with "Backroad Song." Straight and to the point, this one.

    And next is a semi-classic (by four years) -- Rodney Adkin's "(Makes Me Wanna) Take a Backroad."

    My conclusion: It can't be fall yet, because I need more summer time driving and the continued search for backroads.

    Monday, October 19, 2015

    wait, wait! one more cover jam!

    I found this beautiful cover ONE DAY too late -- otherwise, you bet your bottom dollar it would've gone on last week's Covers Jams, Part III playlist. But even if it's a bit late, thank you thank you to James Blake for bringing this into my life. What a beautiful, haunting, slightly eerie, and just plain pretty take on Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence." Happy mellow Monday, indeed.

    {RECAP} neon indian

    On Tuesday night we hit the 9:30 Club for a quick school night out to catch Neon Indian on the eve of the release of the band's most recent album Vega Intl. Night School.

    Being a latecomer to the Neon Indian fan club, I soon realized why the band has such a strong indie following -- I was entertained throughout the night by a fresh range of music that kept me on my toes the entire night. From the first song, frontman Alan Palomo had me feeling like I was in the dance scene from 500 Days of Summer and minutes later I had the sense that I could have been at an Earth Wind & Fire show. Neon Indian is fun and funky, people.

    It was a blessing to be new to the band as the majority of his songs were from the new album -- yet that didn't phase the dedicated crowd at all. Paloma was humbled by the energized crowd who were particularly delighted to dance to his new hit "Annie," which the band had performed the night before on The Tonight Show.

    The night ended with an aggressive dance off to the band's most popular hit "Polish Girl," which was just as wonderful live as I would have hoped. All in all, it was a wonderful night at the 9:30 Club and Vega Intl. Night School is sure to be on our album rotation this fall.

    Next Up: Caleb is hanging out at Charged Up Festival with B.O.B. and more on Saturday!

    {GIVEAWAY} dale earnhardt jr. jr. at the 9:30 club

    We are so so excited to announce that we're giving away two tickets to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (or just JR JR to those aware of the recent name change!) at the 9:30 Club on 11/6. If you haven't seen these Michiganites live, you're really missing out and you should enter now now now.

    Need more convincing? Listen to their newest single "Gone" and revel in their infectiousness. And enter below!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    If you just can't leave it up to chance (and I don't blame you if you can't) buy your tickets here!

    Friday, October 16, 2015

    weekend thoughts...

    It's FRRRRIIIIIIIIDAYYYY! Whether you're in the mood for cover jams and crawling under the covers or painting the town red, enjoy it!

    Your Weekend Jam: New music from Dan Croll!! “One of Us” has us dancing away at our desks as we count down the hours until 5 pm.

    TIOJ Thoughts: 

    Hipster Halloween ideas for you and your boo.

    Having serious CMJ FOMO this week -- watching this on repeat to cope.

    RIP, America’s Next Top Model. You will be missed.

    Don’t go, Jason Waterfalls. 

    When you take phones out of the picture.

    Get your cassette tapes at Urban Outfitters!

    Free! An amaaaaazing mixtape from Harvest Records (featuring some all-time faves like Matt and Kim and Best Coast) from Noisetrade!!

    DC Happenings: Check out the latest Luce Unplugged concert series at the Smithsonian American Art Museum feat. Near Northeast and more! Show starts at 6.

    And! Best of Brookland is on Saturday! Grab a PBR and hang with us!

    And in case you missed it: We’re so infatuated with sibling band The Hunts, who remind us of faves (and sibs) Hey Marseilles and Avett Brothers!

    AND! There are just a few hours left to win tickets to see Smallpools on Sunday! Click click click to enter!

    {PLAYLIST} cover jams, part iii

    Thanks to the Biebs, we are TOTALLY into covers these days. (Actually, that's a lie -- we're always into really good covers.) We're sharing some of our current and all-time favorite covers. As we've said in the past, there's no such thing as too many of our favorite artists paying tribute to each other's greatness.
    cover jams. literally. (via)

    For more cover jamming, check out our part 1 and part 2 of our favorites!

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

    {IF YOU LIKE} hey marseilles, the avett brothers

    (via 1/2/3)

    If you like the strummy, happy, witty shenanigans of the Avett Brothers or the orchestral swoon-worthy tunes of Hey Marseilles, boy, have we got a treat for you. These Virginians (and yes, maybe I'm biased because they hail from juuuust outside my hometown) are charming in their harmonies, affecting in their skill, and pretty captivating in their lyrics. If that wasn't enough to pique your interest, think about this: the band is entirely comprised of siblings. That's some pretty great DNA.

    Bonus: this Beatles cover by Jessi and Jenni Hunt is just darling.

    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

    sjowgren is my jam

    It may be technically fall now, but "Seventeen" by new discovery Sjowgren is the perfect jam to blast as you cherish these last few weeks of windows down driving.

    Press play and get those toes tapping!

    Related: More songs titled "Seventeen"

    {GIVEAWAY} smallpools @ 9:30 club

    Are you struggling to get back to it after a three-day weekend? If so, we have the BEST pick-me-up for you -- A NEW GIVEAWAY! We're giving away a pair of tickets to see our faaaaaveys in Smallpools on 10/18. And bonus, they're playing with another fave, Phoebe Ryan, and Machineheart! I repeat: the ultimate fall show to cure your Monday/Tuesday blues can be yours.

    Take a listen to one of Smallpools' latest and greatest, "Lovetap!"

    And now that you're convinced, enter via Rafflecopter below!!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Anddddd, if you're just so antsy and MUST go, buy your tickets here!

    Monday, October 12, 2015

    {INTERVIEW} reptar

    Before their show tomorrow night at U Street Music Hall, we chatted with Ryan Engelberger of Reptar. Read ahead as we chat with Ryan about their new album, tour mates Breathers, and riding the waves of life. 

    Listen while you read:

    Tell us about yourselves! How did you form a band and get to where you are today?
    Reptar grew up as a band in the sweet sweaty southern mess of Athens, GA. We've been lucky to share the stage with a lot of great bands and we tend to throw as much energy as we can into our live performance which has helped us get to where we are now. One of the great things about Reptar is that it is always changing -- everyone who has ever played a show with Reptar is part of a big extended family so the live show almost always features a different array of friendly faces bringing new energies into old music.

    How would you describe yourselves to someone who's never heard your music before? 
    We try to find all the feelings we can -- both good and bad -- within ourselves, bottle them up, and then let them loose in a celebratory, visceral explosion with anyone else who is around and cares to share in that same experience.

    Click ahead for more!

    kicking off "monday morning" with pell

    As mentioned before, my typical commuting routine is to listen to NPR in the morning and hip hop in the afternoon. Thanks to NPR's own Bob Boilen, I've been combining the two by listening to Bob's recent discovery "Monday Morning" by rapper Pell. The track is addicting in the most unobtrusive way -- it's optimistic hook paired with Pell's flowing rhymes is befitting its title and perfect to listen to on repeat as you begin your Monday morning. (This chick certainly has...)

    Friday, October 9, 2015

    weekend thoughts...

    Happy Friday, folks! What are you up to? We've got birthday brunches and pumpkin beer tasting parties on the docket and couldn't be more excited! 

    Your Weekend Jam: DC rapper GoldLink just announced his debut album and released this song. Like we said, it's been a good music week.

    TIOJ Thoughts:

    Your fall checklist.

    A realllllly old TIOJ post to remind you that Bieber’s “Never Say Never” is on Netflix!

    The best Mean Girls quotes, just because the other day was October 3.

    So ready for all the SNL political spoofs coming this season!

    Free! Sticking with Toro y Moi this week -- download his latest mixtape Samantha for free!

    DC Happenings: Communion Music is hosting an awesome lineup of some of our favorites bands at Jammin Java tonight!

    And in case you missed it: We rounded up our favorite J. Biebs covers this week -- which ones are you liking??

    {PLAYLIST} welcome, autumn!

    Our air conditioners are off and the harvest at the farmer's market is bountiful -- FALL IS HERE, PEOPLE! To celebrate one of our most favorite times of the year we've compiled some of our favorite fall jams to start the season off right.

    Grab a pumpkin beer and press play below!

    Want more? Check out our Ode to Autumn playlists for 2013 and 2014

    Thursday, October 8, 2015

    {THROWBACK} "suga suga"

    Songs that are half cover/half modern pop song are, in a word, my jam. Enter: up-and-comer Francesco Yates (called it) and Robin Schulz whose take on the R&B classic "Suga Suga" is the stuff of weekend dance party dreams. I dare you not to copy the dance moves in the music video for "Sugar":

    And if you're anything like me, this has you craving the Baby Bash original. Take a listen and reminisce about listening to this as you put on glitter eyeshadow before the Freshman year homecoming dance (just me?).

    new music roundup!

    This week has been such a good week. The air is crisp yet not too cold, pope-a-palooza chaos has died down, and new music has come flooding in! Here are some of our fave new releases this week. 

    "Weak" - Wet
    Goddammit. We didn't think songs could get much better than Wet's "Deadwater" but they've done it again with their latest single "Weak." For a pleading song about a crumbling relationship, it's a gorgeous track.

    "The Love Within" - Bloc Party
    You know those friends you don't see for years and then when you finally do, you realize how much you love them? Well, that's Bloc Party for us. So happy to have them back in our lives.

    "Runnin' (Lost It All)" - Naughty Boy feat. Beyoncé
    Because what kind of friends would we be to not share awesome new tracks featuring Queen Bey?

    "A Brand New Life" - Panama Wedding
    Much like Bloc Party, we forgot how happy this bands' infectious pop makes us and they've come back onto our music queues just in time. (With an upcoming show in DC to boot!)

    What other new jams have you been digging?

    Wednesday, October 7, 2015

    the saint johns are my jam

    I need to get myself to Nashville ASAP. Every time I find a new band from Music City, I kick myself a little because I still have never been. The Saint Johns moved Nashville up a notch or two on my must go list -- I keep playing "Shadowplay" over and over and over again, especially because I feel like it should be featured on Nashville.

    Get a sampler of The Saint Johns on Noisetrade now!!

    {RECAP} astronauts, etc., toro y moi

    Our fearless Baltimore correspondents Erica and Ernest caught Astronauts Etc. and Toro y Moi at Rams Head Live on Sunday night -- check out their recap below!

    What a way to spend a Sunday night -- at Rams Head in Baltimore, watching Toro y Moi and Astronauts, etc. play a packed audience of die-hard fans. I was not familiar with the opener Astronauts, etc. before the show, but soon discovered that the band and Toro y Moi (Chaz Bundick) share a common keyboardist -- Anthony Ferraro.

    Bundick and Ferraro initially met in a coffee shop before Toro y Moi had formed. The two developed a friendship and similar tastes for music, and Bundick gave a spot in his band to Ferraro. The two songs that stood out from his set included "Eye to Eye" (repetitive keyboard runs paired with staccato, rhythmic falsetto) and "Sadie" (chillwave dreamy vocals with an extremely catchy guitar run). What I find interesting and slightly comical was Ferraro's speaking voice -- extremely low in pitch -- contrasted to his 100% falsetto vocals throughout his set. It was obvious that Ferraro was very influenced by Toro y Moi’s earlier, chillwave days.

    Now, on to Toro y Moi. The stage was simple, with a psychedelic-patterned backdrop, and Bundick entered in a gray t-shirt and what appeared to be extremely comfortable patterned PJ’s (I was super jealous of his level of comfiness) and his trademark clear, circular lenses. He was positioned on the far right of the stage with his keyboard and guitar, giving the rest of his band (Ferraro, Blackmon on guitar, Jeffords on bass, and Woodward on drums) the spotlight. Also, no chit-chat between songs -- he was there to play some serious music, which I found refreshing. The set list allowed for quite an interesting view of Toro y Moi’s transformation throughout the years, spanning from their chillwave movement, their dance/club and R&B influenced Anything in Return, and their newest creations in What For?

    From Anything in Return, highlights included “Still Sound,” a great, upbeat dance song with juxtaposed lyrics speaking of desperation and fear. He also played “So Many Details”, a heavily synthesized slow-jam, discussing a couple slowly growing apart. And from What For? of this year, my favorites, “Lilly” and “Half Dome.” “Lilly” is also a great music video, with Bundick in a suburban supermarket where everyone looks spaced out and it ends in produce flying and leaves us all questioning our mundane lives “Everyday’s like this, no one gets nowhere, no one gets nothing.”

    Worth checking out is his new self-released mixtape Samantha, which includes recordings from 2012 up to now, and features contributions from Washed Out, Rome Fortune, Nosaj Thing, and Kool A.D.

    Thanks to Erica and Ernest for covering this show for us -- wish we could have been there.

    Next Up: We've got a double feature next Tuesday night with Krista and Caleb at 9:30 Club for Neon Indian and the Sara(h)s at U Street Music Hall for Reptar!

    Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    roundup: our favorite justin bieber coves

    Much like our first roundup of favorite covers, we're finding ourselves surprisingly digging a pop star. This time it's dear old baggy-pants Biebers. Stacey already started us off with an awesome CHVRCHES cover of Justin Bieber's hit "What Do You Mean" and since then we keep finding more brilliant ones. Here are some of our new faves:

    This Florence + The Machine cover of "Where Are You Now":

    This segway dance routine to "What Do you Mean":

    Okayyyyy this one's not technically a cover, but we gotta say that the Biebs kills it in this stripped down acoustic version:

    Monday, October 5, 2015

    "wildest dreams" vs. "wildest moments"

    I have the most embarrassing confession to make. I, biggest and proudest Taylor Swift hater, did not hate "Wildest Dreams" when I first heard it on the radio. I thought it was some cute, pixie British singer (aka, I imagined Foxes, eternal TIOJ girl crush, singing it). But alas, no.

    Once I got over my initial shock and got that horrified look off my face (attractive to all the fellow drivers on 66, I'm sure), I couldn't stop thinking about Jessie Ware and her song "Wildest Moments."

    Take a listen to these wildest songs. Which is better?

    Friday, October 2, 2015

    weekend thoughts...

    How is it already October already? Wasn't it just yesterday we were all sunning ourselves by our pools and basking in the summer laziness?

    Your Weekend Jam: This sultry ODESZA track feat. Little Dragon is just the jam to kick off your fall weekend on a sexy note.

    TIOJ Thoughts: may be dead but OUR JAMS LIVE ON!

    Do your music tastes change with the season?

    Newly obsessed with Scream Queens.

    Stay SAFE as Joaquin approaches, TIOJers!

    This trend is pretty fab. And attractive.

    Free! This free sampler from The Saint Johns is so mellow and so damn pretty.

    DC Happenings: We'll be at RECESS on Saturday night dancing to The Hood Internet Basscamp +more! Join us, won't you? Did we mention the open bar?!

    And in case you missed it: Concert Correspondent Alix covered a fab OMAM show, we talked about creativity with our new BFF May, and celebrated all our September happenings!

    {PLAYLIST} austin city limits 2015

    One of the coolest festivals in the land--Austin City Limits--is upon us again! ACL habitually brings together some of the rockingest, folksiest, most amazing artists in the land and this year is no different. I mean, have you seen the lineup??

    If you're going to ACL, we have just one question for you--WHY ARE YOU NOT TAKING US WITH YOU? Excuse us while we go listen to this playlist on repeat and weep.

    Thursday, October 1, 2015

    {THROWBACK} "kiss on my lips"

    For whatever miraculous reason, I heard Hall & Oates' "Kiss on my Lips" on the radio several times in a short span of time this summer. And playing it now has been exactly what I needed to get through this week, which is in the running for one of the longest weeks of my life. Thank you, Hall & Oates. I owe you one.

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