Wednesday, September 16, 2015

emma mai and pretty pink are my (german) jam

Sometimes you don't need to understand the lyrics to a song to know that the song is your jam. Such is the case with "Blütenstaubromanze" by Emma Mai and Pretty Pink. While Google Translate's translation of the song as "Pollen Romance" means nothing me, I do know that I can't get enough of the beat of this song that so effortlessly ebbs and flows -- striking the perfect balance between keeping you focused enough to churn out one more report at work while also raising your energy levels enough to consider saying yes to your friends birthday at Public this weekend.

Take a listen to this jam if you're need of some serious toe tapping and/or have the urge to try and pick up a little German this afternoon.

p.s. While I don't speak German, I DO parle français -- check out some of our favorite French jams.

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