Friday, August 21, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Once more, the weekend is upon us, and we hope all you TIOJers have lots of fun adventures planned!

Your Weekend Jam: Local DC faves Alex Vans and the Hideaway are back at it again with their latest single "Somebody to Lose" and it is such a fun ride.

TIOJ Thoughts:

If you need podcast inspiration to fill the void Serial left, look no further.

Pro tip: Don’t listen to All Songs Considered podcast on songs that make you cry while driving.

Digging Obama’s vacation playlists.

Kelly Clarkson singing Tinder profiles is just as magical as you think.

Free! Loving Benbo’s “If You Feel Emotional” -- it has that perfect summer vibe going on! (Plus, download it for free!)

DC Happenings: All Things Go announced the lineup for their second annual Fall Classic and it’s awesome.

And in case you missed it: We talked to healthy-living guru Carlene Thomas about all things creative and Concert Correspondent Lily recapped the amazing Good Old War show at the Hamilton last week.

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