Wednesday, August 12, 2015

{RECAP} near northeast, howard

Concert Correspondent Morgan saw Howard at DC9 on Friday night -- check out her recap below!

Even though I’ve lived in the district for two years, I only started going to shows at DC9 this year. Though a smaller venue, I’ve found myself, particularly on hot summer days, enjoying the smaller, cozier shows that DC9 offers.

This past Friday I was lucky enough to catch Near Northeast and Howard at DC9. Both bands offered lovely, chill, yet energizing sets that were the perfect way to kick off the weekend. First up on Friday was local D.C. band Near Northeast. Led by endlessly talented lead singer, Kelly Servick (who in addition to her lovely, Feist-esque voice, at various points during the show also played the ukulele and violin), Near Northeast delivered a short set of folk-rock-pop inspired tunes. Their quiet, but intricate sound, was the perfect start to my weekend.

Up next, Brooklyn-based Howard took the stage. If you have not heard Howard, imagine... Radiohead (circa, “Hail to the Thief”) and Fleet Foxes got together and had a baby band. Sounds, awesome, yes? Well, look no further, that baby band is Howard. Howard played an exciting set of their brand of “folktronica” (I so wish that I had coined this term myself, because it is awesome but all credit goes to the band themselves which is where I first heard it).

Chances are if you are a music lover (or read this blog), you are familiar with the song “Falling.” Howard opened with “Falling” in truly fantastic fashion. While I’m used to a soft, acoustic version, the band’s live rendition displayed an electronic chaos before melting into the calm, orderly ballad and made me love the song even more.

“Falling” set the tone for the show and luckily for the rest of the evening, we were treated to several songs that had a little bit of electronic chaos and a little bit of melodic order. In particular, I fell completely in love with “Money Can’t Buy” (and lead singer Howard Feibusch’s voice).

The result was a fun show that fully displayed the band’s true talents. In particular, there were several awesome blues-inspired guitar solos as well as some truly spectacular drum solos throughout the course of the evening. I’m not sure if the solos were inspired by drummers Chris Holdridge’s family, who came in full, adorable support of the show. (Feibusch mentioned briefly at the show that Holdridge is from the D.C.-area.) This being my first Howard show, I'm not sure if the familial presence led to a series of extremely impressive rock-infused drum solos or blues-inspired guitar solos. If so, I hope the band can channel the energy from this show into other performances.

Feibusch told the crowd that it was in fact his first time in D.C. My hope is that they’ll return soon!

Thanks so much, Morgan! We have a brief concert hiatus as we get amped up for all of the baller shows coming this fall!

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