Tuesday, August 18, 2015

{CREATIVE} carlene thomas

In our latest post in our Creativity series, we're featuring Carlene Thomas, nutritionist and blogger of Healthfully Ever After, whose taste in food, music, and design is spot on and has garnered the love of not only us three, but also CNN! Read ahead as we chat with Carlene to figure out how she picks out songs for her YouTube videos and what song always gets her out of a slump. 

Who are you and what do you do that's cool and creative? 
My name is Carlene Thomas and I'm a dietitian nutritionist and healthy living collaborator. The majority of my day I'm working on recipes, styling and photographing or videoing food. And eating.

How do you define creativity?
Being brave enough to think or do in a way few are -- even if it's unpopular at the time (and usually it becomes popular about six months later anyway).

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What do you listen to (or watch or read!) when you're looking for inspiration? 
I have this thing for British murder mysteries. Authors from decades ago like P.G. Wodehouse (known for his series Jeeves and Wooster which turned into a show staring Hugh Laurie and Steven Fry), wrote in a way that is so witty and well crafted it has your full attention. It always makes me re-think the way I phrase what I write or how I describe something.

I also love Scandinavian design blogs. There's something about the way the absence of 'stuff' still manages to feel ridiculously well styled. My favorite is My Scandinavian Home which actually featured my home office. Last thing: antiquing. The best antiques are on Route 15 from VA to Pennsylvania.

via my scandinavian home
How does music influence your creative pursuit? 
If I have to think about a really cliché way to connect food and music you could say ingredients are like instruments and when you create a well balanced dish, it's like a full piece of music. But the reality for me is that certain foods can make you really freaking excited about life, or comforted, or peaceful or child like... just like music. When I use music in my YouTube videos, my husband and I search for just the right song to convey a feeling about the food. We are addicted to SoundCloud because of the way some people blend old and new music.

(A Chromeo remix? We approve!)

Do you find yourself particularly drawn to types of music when you're working/creating versus when you're just enjoying life and doing something less focused? 
Interesting lyrics deserve to have your full attention (seriously one amazing reason to listen to an awesome rap song) but if you need background sound put on a classic you could sing by heart. Or jazz. You can't go wrong with jazz music.

Is there something specific you can listen to that immediately pulls you out of a slump?
Earth Wind and Fire's "September":

Was there a particular song/album/artist that struck or inspired you when you were younger? 
I had a thing for The Spice Girls and Ace of Base. So.... that aside, my Dad was awesome at always having music on in the house. Literally, all the time. We listened to Chicago, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Miami Sound Machine, etc (and at some point he got hooked on Lady GaGa...). More than anything I think it just gave me appreciation for different genres.

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