Monday, August 31, 2015

{PLAYLIST} best of august 2015

We've reached the end of August, which means that we're getting ready to go back to school, preparing for the wondrous onslaught of all things pumpkin, and hoping for lower humidity levels on a more consistent basis. And as we inch closer to Labor Day and the end of summer, it's only fitting that we look back at the month of August, in which we:
And in August, we listened to:

"I Wouldn't Dance" - David Myles
Loooooving this wonderful voice!
"Sunday Kind of Love" - Etta James
One of my most favorite songs in the universe--it never gets old.
"Satisfy Me" - Anderson East
So excited to get into this modern soul singer this month. 
"Radio Can't Rewind" - Sons of Bill
Perfect for a nostalgic summer day.
"Indian Summer" - Jai Wolf
This ambient stunner hypnotizes me in the best of ways.
"Boyz-N-The-Hood" - Eazy-E
Straight Outta Compton pretty much made our August and this classic as been in our heads ever since.
"S.O.B." - Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
Want to feel like a badass? Then listen to this song.
"Somebody to Lose" - Alex Vans and the Hide Away
DC-ers Alex Vans and the Hide Away are back at it again with another infections single.
"OctaHate" - Ryn Weaver
This tantalizing song has crept into our head ever since we were lusting over Outside Lands.
"Rocking Chairs" - Jesse Harris (feat. Norah Jones)
So lovely as I dream of sitting in a rocking chair as summer winds down.
"September" - Earth, Wind & Fire
As Carlene so aptly put it, this song can fix any slump.
"Classic (feat. Fetty Wap)" - The Knocks
SO COOL that the trap king of the summer remixed this track!
"Tell Me What You Want From Me" - Good Old War
An excellent driving song, no matter the time of year.
"Painted" - MS MR
Recent TIOJ giveaway alums MS MR stun on this beat-heavy jam.
"Running Behind" - HOLYCHILD
Highly recommend adding this to your workout playlists ASAP!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

a little love for your sunday

If any of you don't want a love like the one described in this song, I'll be shocked. "A Sunday Kind of Love" might be one of my most favorite songs on this Earth, and I hope it makes your Sunday a little brighter, sultrier-- and yes--lovelier.

Sing it, Etta.

Friday, August 28, 2015

weekend thoughts...

It's the weeeeeeeekend (almost)! We hope that you all have a lovely weekend soaking up this glorious end-of-summer weather at the beach, pool, or a rooftop bar somewhere. Enjoy!!

Your Weekend Jam: MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS ARE BACK! Watch the ridiculous video for "Downtown" feat. Foxy Shazam's Eric Nally!

TIOJ Thoughts:

The best “Single Ladies” dance off we’ve seen. (thanks, Jurg!)

The best public bathrooms in DC (essential information, people).

As if we needed another reason to avoid Burning Man…

What to watch on Netflix for the last few days of August.

Free! DL T JANI's remix of ASTR's "Activate Me" for your Saturday night -- trust us on this.

DC Happenings: Grab your really really ridiculously good looking friends and blue steel your way through an outdoor showing of Zoolander in Rosslyn tonight!

And in case you missed it: Emily guest posted for us and introduced the AMAZING Ruby Amanfu!

{PLAYLIST} back to school

"Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that we're not a fool." It's that time again, whether you're heading back to school as a teacher, hitting the books as a student, or you just really like school supplies -- school is starting!! We 100% understand the flurry of emotions that come with this yearly event, from summery nostalgia to nervous jitters about the first day. But either way, the following jams will help you ease your way into a new year.

books on books via charlotte love

Grab your multicolored pens and your trapper keeper, and press play below!

Keep celebrating fresh pencils and cute agendas with more back to school jams!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

{THROWBACK} "like a bird"

Remember the Nelly Furtado song from way back when? To be totally honest, I never liked it much (but I didn't hate it as much as the Natalie Imbruglia song "Torn"...). BUT! I do really like abhi//dijon's remix of this '90s song. A lot. And it's available for a free download! (just saying.)

And because it is Throwback Thursday, I guess we can listen to the original song. I hope you like it more than I do.

"indian summer" is my jam

We may still be solidly in the midst of real summer, but I can't get enough of Jai Wolf's ambient, electronic "Indian Summer."

I have no words for this song which has...well, no words. Entirely un-lyricized, but totally evocative, Jai has produced a track that I'll be swaying to well into Autumn. 

{THROWBACK} "fill me in"

Guys -- remember how cool Craig David used to be?? Thanks to Lliam Taylor, we've been thankfully reminded -- his remix of the British singers debut hit "Fill Me In" takes us right back in 2000.

And in case you want to jam to the original (and maybe join us in going back through Craig David's entire discography with us...):

Craving more like this? Check out Ryan Hemsworth's remix of "Fill Me In."

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

{GUEST POST} "steetlights"

Today we've got a very special game of compare and contrast because we've got guest blogger Emily of The Winding Roads That Led Me Here sharing her awesome find Ruby Amanfu!

So, this game of compare and contrast is a bit different this week because I’m comparing the same song -- “Streetlights” off Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak album and the artist Ruby Amanfu’s uniquely beautiful take on the song. Her reasoning for covering the song was that “time can often define an experience in a way that makes it feel like the moment has passed us by and faded out of view too quickly to fully grasp it.” Ruby is currently gearing up to release her new album Standing Still, a collection of covers songs ranging from Brandi Carlile’s “Shadow on the Wall” to Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet.”

Kanye West’s original is full on synths and vocal distortion with the help of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. “Streetlights” is fast-paced, with heavy beats and a delicate piano part running underneath the current of the track. The original with its’ quickening beats and shortened vocals, clearly mimicking the passage of time, is in sharp contrast Ruby Amanfu’s take on the song.

She slows the song right down to soulful, bluesy waltz full of longing and sadness delivered in Amanfu’s vulnerable and sensual voice. This version of “Streetlights” is so very different from West’s that it could be an entirely different song. With the distortion and synths stripped away to reveal a sparseness and loneliness that wasn’t there before; Amanfu also creates a song full of atmosphere and feeling. So much so that as a listener you can actually feel yourself in the car watching the streetlights steadily slip away one by one, into the past.

Which version will guide you to your destination?

the royal concept is back!

Praise the Swedish gods! TIOJ favorites The Royal Concept are finally back with their new EP Smile. It's the same bubbly indie pop we've come to expect from the Swedish foursome. If you're in need of a late-summer, windows-down soundtrack, start jamming to this EP ASAP.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

david myles is my jam

I have a new favorite singer. If you're in the market for a rich voice with some hints of folk, country, and jazz (it sounds like I'm describing wine....), please put Canadian (!) David Myles on your radar now. Seriously, I can't stop listening to his Noisetrade sampler.

And I think I'm even more obsessed with "I Wouldn't Dance."

Monday, August 24, 2015

pass the vibes

Letting you in on one song that's been on constant rotation for me for the past few weeks -- "Pass The Vibes" from Chance the Rapper's latest project Surf with Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment.

It is best listened to in headphones, on repeat, while walking around at dusk. My recommendation...

If you haven't got it yet -- Surf is still available for free on iTunes!

{GIVEAWAY} frank turner and the sleeping souls @ 9:30 club

Great news for your Mondays, kiddos -- Frank Turner is coming in October, and YOU can go see him!! We're giving away a pair of tickets to see this Brit (who, as we've discussed at length, keeps his accent while singing in the best possible way) and his crew on October 4. This is a show that is not to be missed.

Listen to his latest single, "The Next Storm," and you'll agree.

Enter via Rafflecopter below!! (Or buy your tickets HERE!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, August 22, 2015

{WATCH} kendrick lamar interviews n.w.a.

In case you haven't noticed, we really liked Straight Outta Compton and it's got us diving deep into the members of N.W.A. And we aren't the only ones enamored by these hip hop legends -- rapper Kendrick Lamar interviewed the members of the group and was pretty much giddy with excitement.

Check out the interview via Billboard below:

Related: Rob McFarland's "Fuck The Police"

Friday, August 21, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Once more, the weekend is upon us, and we hope all you TIOJers have lots of fun adventures planned!

Your Weekend Jam: Local DC faves Alex Vans and the Hideaway are back at it again with their latest single "Somebody to Lose" and it is such a fun ride.

TIOJ Thoughts:

If you need podcast inspiration to fill the void Serial left, look no further.

Pro tip: Don’t listen to All Songs Considered podcast on songs that make you cry while driving.

Digging Obama’s vacation playlists.

Kelly Clarkson singing Tinder profiles is just as magical as you think.

Free! Loving Benbo’s “If You Feel Emotional” -- it has that perfect summer vibe going on! (Plus, download it for free!)

DC Happenings: All Things Go announced the lineup for their second annual Fall Classic and it’s awesome.

And in case you missed it: We talked to healthy-living guru Carlene Thomas about all things creative and Concert Correspondent Lily recapped the amazing Good Old War show at the Hamilton last week.

{PLAYLIST} nostalgia

The August doldrums are upon us. (Seriously, whoever decided to call them the Dog Days of August must have spent serious time in swampy DC.) Instead of excitedly packing up and going back to school like some of you lucky TIOJers, we're sitting at our desks gazing wistfully out the window as the summer sun beats down upon DC, and that's making us oh so nostalgic for the days of way back when.

Press play and let's "remember when?" together.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

{THROWBACK} "last name"

One of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs is "Last Name" for many reasons -- one of which is the incredible set of pipes that Ms. Underwood/Mrs. Fisher has on her. Another reason is this music video, which I had never seen in full until now. I love that it feeds right in to "Before He Cheats." Also, I need tips on how to keep my hair and makeup so in tact.

{THROWBACK} "straight outta compton"

Guys. Have you seen Straight Outta Compton yet?! Go see it. It's very well done and does an impressive job of portraying what it was like for N.W.A. coming up out of Compton and the trials and successes that came out of their impressive rise to fame. Plus, baby Dr. Dre is verrrrry cute -- just sayin...

Seriously go see it and I dare you not to sing "Cruising down the street in my 6-4..." for the rest of the week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

nathaniel rateliff and the night sweats are my jam

Read the name of this band one more time: Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Intrigued, right? I was too. Then I watched the music video for "S.O.B.," and it reminded me of The Blues Brothers. And I loved the badass vibes. Day: made.

Get Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats' EP on Noisetrade now!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

{CREATIVE} carlene thomas

In our latest post in our Creativity series, we're featuring Carlene Thomas, nutritionist and blogger of Healthfully Ever After, whose taste in food, music, and design is spot on and has garnered the love of not only us three, but also CNN! Read ahead as we chat with Carlene to figure out how she picks out songs for her YouTube videos and what song always gets her out of a slump. 

Who are you and what do you do that's cool and creative? 
My name is Carlene Thomas and I'm a dietitian nutritionist and healthy living collaborator. The majority of my day I'm working on recipes, styling and photographing or videoing food. And eating.

How do you define creativity?
Being brave enough to think or do in a way few are -- even if it's unpopular at the time (and usually it becomes popular about six months later anyway).

Click ahead for more!

Monday, August 17, 2015

{RECAP} good old war

Concert Correspondent Lily checked out Good Old War at The Hamilton on Thursday night -- check out her rave recap below!

After strutting onto the stage to the beat of '90s funk, Good Old War’s lead vocalist, Keith Goodwin, stared out to The Hamilton’s stationary audience and mused, “I think I’m going to be the only weirdo in here dancing tonight.” But fortunately for us, over the course of the Thursday night show, Good Old War’s idyllic lyrics and passionate delivery conjured a happy and rhythmic energy.

The band kicked off the show with “Tell Me What You Want From Me,” the first track on their newly released album, Broken into Better Shape. As the title suggests, this is a song that proudly and directly confronts someone for one of those decisions that would otherwise eat you up. Goodwin begs, “Let me go, tear me apart, forget my name.” Goodwin belted out the plea while clutching his heart with his left hand and playing the keys with his right on a mini piano keyboard. Such emotion with his left, such focus with his right; it’s clear Goodwin knows what he wants and how he’ll get it!

He continued to prove his emotional investment with a few oldies from Good Old War’s first album, “Only Way to Be Alone.” In “Looking For Shelter,” again, he intensely bumped his entire body to the rhythm of “we’ll just know when it’s right,” all while playing those keys on that teeny tiny keyboard with his single right hand. During “Weak Man,” guitarist Dan Schwartz played two guitars at once. Two! As it turns out, not only is Good Old War a group of convincing performers, they are also incredible multi-taskers.

During “That’s Some Dream,” the entire room chanted along, “I’m gonna die it’s alright I’m okay, Lai dai dai.” Did we know what we were saying? Maybe. Did it matter? Nope. We were all together, one big harmony feeding off the group’s determination.

While the group’s heartfelt delivery set the stage for a moving evening, it was thanks to their unique mix of harmonies and the brassy clang of Schwartz’s capo’ed guitar that shaped the nostalgic and sentimental sound that would ring in our ears the rest of the week.

Take “Window.” Let’s be clear: Window is a song I have listened to on repeat on multiple occasions, including the during long ride from Washington, DC to Philadelphia. I had high expectations for this one and Good Old War gave me goose bumps! The second to last song of the set, all three members of Good Old War warmly chimed in to build a comforting, synchronized sound. Schwartz’s classical guitar riff before the chorus built the momentum before all three buoyantly proclaimed, “I’m gonna stay awake for you!” What is more uplifting than hearing someone say that to you?

Good Old War’s spirit, harmonious optimism, and impressive multitasking skills kicked off this bashful DC town to a lively and hopeful weekend!

Thank you to Lily for this recap -- glad you loved the show! Up next: We're continuing to make our list of must-go concerts for the fall (including Hopscotch Festival!)!

{GIVEAWAY} MS MR @ 9:30 club

HAPPY MONDAY, FRIENDS!! We're starting off an otherwise dreaded Monday with an awesome giveaway to go see MS MR! The duo and longtime TIOJ faves will be playing at the 9:30 Club on October 1.

The band is touring with their sophomore album How Does It Feel and if the music video for their lead single "Painted" is any indiciation, this is sure to be a fun, sexy, and colorful show!

Enter via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait to win? Grab tickets here!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Happy weekend!! Enjoy the beautiful weather with plenty of music and beach/pool/lakeside lounging.

Your Weekend Jam: More new music from CHVRCHES! We can’t get enough of “Never Ending Circles” and are adding it to every playlist for the rest of the year.


TIOJ Thoughts: 

Spotify’s plan to take on Apple Music.


When rosé became a thing.

Improv ballet dancers -- beautiful!

Life lessons from Legally Blonde.

Free! In case you missed it earlier this week, ayokay’s jam “Kings of Summer” is available for free!

And in case you missed it: Morgan checked out Howard at DC9 last week -- and absolutely loved it!

{PLAYLIST} bodies of water

We're getting to the point in the summer where days seem longer and hotter -- even as weeks go by in a blur. And the only thing we all want to do is sidle up to our favorite swimming hole, dip our toes in, and relax. Even if you're landlocked this weekend, press play, close your eyes, and imagine the waves rolling in.


Or, if you're one of the lucky ones, take Brad Paisley's advice and "drive until the map turns blue."

Thursday, August 13, 2015

{THROWBACK} "walking on broken glass"

I finished listening to Sylvan Esso's guest DJ set on All Songs Considered late last night as I was coming off Metro and as the episode concluded with Annie Lennox's timeless "Walking On Broken Glass," it was like something shifted inside me. It was just the song that I needed to hear at 10:30 pm after a long day and it's been delightfully stuck in my head ever since.

Enjoy the jam for yourself and see if you can recognize some familiar faces in the music video:

Listen to the Sylvan Esso's episode of All Songs Considered here and an awesome mashup featuring "Walking On Broken Glass" here.

{THROWBACK} "oh canada"

Did you ever listen to Five Iron Frenzy when you were in middle/high school? My brother had a couple of songs, so I of course listened, too. My favorite (shocker) was "Oh Canada" -- the song that taught me what a Mountie was. This song popped into my head the other day, and I couldn't have been happier about it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

{RECAP} near northeast, howard

Concert Correspondent Morgan saw Howard at DC9 on Friday night -- check out her recap below!

Even though I’ve lived in the district for two years, I only started going to shows at DC9 this year. Though a smaller venue, I’ve found myself, particularly on hot summer days, enjoying the smaller, cozier shows that DC9 offers.

This past Friday I was lucky enough to catch Near Northeast and Howard at DC9. Both bands offered lovely, chill, yet energizing sets that were the perfect way to kick off the weekend. First up on Friday was local D.C. band Near Northeast. Led by endlessly talented lead singer, Kelly Servick (who in addition to her lovely, Feist-esque voice, at various points during the show also played the ukulele and violin), Near Northeast delivered a short set of folk-rock-pop inspired tunes. Their quiet, but intricate sound, was the perfect start to my weekend.

Up next, Brooklyn-based Howard took the stage. If you have not heard Howard, imagine... Radiohead (circa, “Hail to the Thief”) and Fleet Foxes got together and had a baby band. Sounds, awesome, yes? Well, look no further, that baby band is Howard. Howard played an exciting set of their brand of “folktronica” (I so wish that I had coined this term myself, because it is awesome but all credit goes to the band themselves which is where I first heard it).

Chances are if you are a music lover (or read this blog), you are familiar with the song “Falling.” Howard opened with “Falling” in truly fantastic fashion. While I’m used to a soft, acoustic version, the band’s live rendition displayed an electronic chaos before melting into the calm, orderly ballad and made me love the song even more.

“Falling” set the tone for the show and luckily for the rest of the evening, we were treated to several songs that had a little bit of electronic chaos and a little bit of melodic order. In particular, I fell completely in love with “Money Can’t Buy” (and lead singer Howard Feibusch’s voice).

The result was a fun show that fully displayed the band’s true talents. In particular, there were several awesome blues-inspired guitar solos as well as some truly spectacular drum solos throughout the course of the evening. I’m not sure if the solos were inspired by drummers Chris Holdridge’s family, who came in full, adorable support of the show. (Feibusch mentioned briefly at the show that Holdridge is from the D.C.-area.) This being my first Howard show, I'm not sure if the familial presence led to a series of extremely impressive rock-infused drum solos or blues-inspired guitar solos. If so, I hope the band can channel the energy from this show into other performances.

Feibusch told the crowd that it was in fact his first time in D.C. My hope is that they’ll return soon!

Thanks so much, Morgan! We have a brief concert hiatus as we get amped up for all of the baller shows coming this fall!

anderson east is my jam

I've been on a Leon Bridges-induced binge of throwback-sounding soul songs so it was with such excitement that I discovered Anderson East (thanks, Nikki!). This Alabama native has the big raspy voice, backup singers, and band full of thoughtful guitars and bellowing horns that make the perfect soul jam.

Anderson East first got me with his poppy "Satisfy Me"...

... and had me hooked with pretty much every other song off his recently-released debut album Delilah. I must see this man live.

Ugh, color me obsessed.

p.s. For those of you spread across the country, Anderson East is currently touring with The Lone Bellow --without a DC stop ::sob:: -- go see him!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

we're a-ok with ayokay (+ quinn)

Besides having one of the greatest names we've heard in a while, producer ayokay is speaking to our summer-loving souls with his jam "Kings of Summer." Supported by hip-hop vocals from Quinn, this electronic jam is everything.

And because this song alone is simply not enough of this musical goodness, take a listen to Quinn's EP Change of Scenery produced by ayokay and keep jamming. (Definitely made my whole team at work rock out to this with me cuz I'm a cool boss.)

(Thanks for the tip on these guys, Soundcloud shuffle!)

Monday, August 10, 2015

getting behind new music from third eye blind

As we've mentioned before, Third Eye Blind is back at it with new music. And I have to tell you -- I don't hate it. It still sounds like the '90s band you know and love, but it's also a bit more of a grown-up sound. Take a listen, then download their sampler on Noisetrade. It'll be worth it.

{GIVEAWAY} of monsters and men @ merriweather post pavilion

Hold on to your darling Scandinavian hats -- we have the best giveaway for you this week!! We've been so obsessed with the latest jams from Icelandic superband Of Monsters and Men, and we couldn't be more excited to be giving away a pair of tickets to their September 20 show at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Think about it -- what could be better than a fall night under the stars listening to OMAM (and Oh Land!)? Answer? Nothing.

Have you heard Of Monster and Men's latest single, "Empire"? One listen and you're guaranteed to be entering below:

Enter via Rafflecopter below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you just can't leave this up to chance, buy your tickets here!

Friday, August 7, 2015

weekend thoughts...

HAPPY FRIDAY!! We hope you have a lovely weekend full of pool/beachside lounging, brunching with besties, and listening to some awesome tunes!

Your Weekend Jam: Breakout rapper of the summer Fetty Wap added his touch to our favorite weekend jam, The Knocks’ “Classic."

TIOJ Thoughts:

Loved this episode of Death, Sex & Money feat. Joy Williams of (now defunct) The Civil Wars.

Speaking of podcasts, Chance the Rapper was on Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me!

Sigh. I miss Gossip Girl.

A crafting (or cleaning or working) playlist from Oh Happy Day!

Free! This Noisetrade mix of Rendezvous Festival artists has us adding yet another festival to our someday list.

DC Happenings: Check out our new faves Howard at DC9 tonight!

And in case you missed it: If you like Alunageorge of Paula Abdul, you must take a listen to Nao!!

{PLAYLIST} outside lands

Thanks to this year's incredible lineup, we have a new festival to add to our someday list -- San Francisco's Outside Lands. We'll spend our weekend dreaming of concerts in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge and maybe a side jaunt up to Napa -- sigh. Can we go now?

Join us in our wanderlusting FOMO with the following playlist!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

{THROWBACK} "minnie the moocher"

Whenever my family goes on vacation to Cape Cod, we always watch The Blues Brothers. This tradition started when it was the only VHS that we had there, and though we've transitioned over to a DVD, it has remained a long-standing tradition. It's the best.

And what would The Blues Brothers be without Cab Calloway singing "Minnie the Moocher"? Nothing, I tell you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

make your day with a cover from the lone bellow and lucius

One of our favorite parts of music festivals is when artists make surprise appearances in others' sets. At the recent Newport Folk Festival, two of our favies, The Lone Bellow and Lucius, teamed up and covered an iconic song from Everly Brothers. It's just as amazing as you'd imagine.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

{IF YOU LIKE} alunageorge, paula abdul

(via 1/2/3)
If you like impossibly cool electronic beats of AlunaGeorge or will never have enough of Paula Abdul's addictive pop/funk vocals, then you'll love listening to Nao.

This rising artist from London has been labeled as a star-to-watch from taste-making sites like NPR and Pitchfork and we can't help but to agree. Nao's music sucks you in her fresh voice layered expertly over captivating beats. Listing admiration for artists like Frank Ocean and James Blake, one can feel these influences in her music and the results are impressive.

With producers Disclosure hand selecting Nao for their next album, we're sure that Nao is going to be an artist to watch!

arum rae loves love and so do we

Do you guys love love? Like, excessive use of the heart-eyes emoji love? Well, the three of us sure do (looking at you, cute boyfriends!) and songstress Arum Rae does too.

Arum Rae's latest single "I Love Love" is perfectly simple, straight-forward, and beautiful. (Much like love one might say...) Take a listen to this timelessly beautiful song and feel yourself turning into the human reincarnation of the heart-eyes emoji in no time.


p.s. Arum Rae will be playing DC9 on September 1, grab your tickets here!

Monday, August 3, 2015

jesse harris for your mellow monday

Though you may not know Jesse Harris by name, you certainly know his work -- he penned Norah Jones' lovely "Don't Know Why." But please put his name on your radar and listen to it as you ease into work on this lovely Monday (or, if you're like me, as you enjoy the beach!).

I think that "Rocking Chairs" is oh so beautiful (and it features Miss Norah!), and it's perfectly soundtracking my mellow beach week.

His version of "Don't Know Why" is pretty remarkable too.

Download a sampler from Jesse at Noisetrade NOW!

{GIVEAWAY} babe city anniversary showcase!

D.C. MUSIC REPRESENT! This week we're so excited to share our giveaway to Babe City's Anniversary Showcase at the 9:30 Club. Babe City Records is a music label based right here in our dear D.C. and their one year anniversary party will feature the talents of not one but FIVE awesome local bands.

Young Rapids, The Sea Life, The Max Levine Ensemble, Den-Mate, and The El Mansouris will be jamming the night away in an expression of the awesome music scene that Babe City has helped to cultivate.

Enter via Rafflecopter now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait to win? Grab tickets here!
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