Friday, July 24, 2015

weekend thoughts...

You made it to Friday! Stay cool this weekend, whether you're at the beach, a music festival, or at brunch after brunch!

Your Weekend Jam: Grab your besties and some lemonade and jam to The Mowgli’s latest “Summertime” all warm-weekend long!


TIOJ Thoughts: 

Eaux Claire festival sounds like it was such a dream -- must go next year!

Take a look at these pretty incredible pictures from Nirvana’s first concert. Ever.

Alfonso Ribeiro (aka CARLTON) and Justin Timberlake do the Carlton. Amazing.

Why you can’t get “Shut Up and Dance” out of your head. 

Those kiddos at PS22 <3

Free! Have you downloaded Wilco’s surprise album Star Wars yet?? Get it on their website or on iTunes now!!!

DC Happenings: Have you been to the National Building Museum's BEACH yet?? Relive your glory days of going to a ball pit!!

And in case you missed it: We chatted it up with George Sheppard of (you guessed it) Sheppard in anticipation of their Monday show at U Hall!

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