Friday, July 17, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Happy WEEKEND! Whether you're off to a bachelorette party or music festival, we hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Your Weekend Jam: Add Santigold’s latest release “Radio” to all of your most recent playlist -- we guarantee you’ll turn the dance party at all of your weekend BBQs up!

TIOJ Thoughts:

This song/video is ridiculous and I LOVE IT. Going to do ZE DANCE all weekend.

What’s your Song of the Summer? NY Mag picks theirs (and it’s a TIOJ fave)!


I wish this happened every time I ordered coffee.

Free! If there was a perfect song for the summer, COLLAJ’s “Tropical Vacation” would be it! Put on your sunglasses and download the song fo free here!

And in case you missed it: If you like Walk the Moon or Train, be sure to check out Lawson!

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