Thursday, July 16, 2015

{THROWBACK} garth brooks

One of the best things about being in South Carolina this summer is the plethora of country music radio stations. I'm used to having just one in DC (which, let's be real, I do love), but having the option to switch between stations when I'm just not feeling the latest Luke Bryan song for the 84th time that day is magnificent. Plus, it seems that each radio station has its own batch of older songs, whether five years or 25 years old, that they keep in their regular rotation, many of which are different than the regs on WMZQ.

The other day while driving around the Lowcountry, I was graced with two different Garth Brooks songs -- songs that invite some of the best singalongs in country music. While I love bro country, it just doesn't compare. Enjoy.

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