Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"seventeen" vs. "seventeen"

Alrighty friends, it's time for another game of compare and contrast! We've got two indie pop songs by the same name from an old favorite and a new discovery. Each song successfully discusses the joys and struggles of being a seventeen year-old.

First up is "Seventeen" by new D.C. band Color Palette. The band, founded by Jay Nemeyer of The Silver Liners, is the most glorious mashup of DC talent. With instrumental and songwriting support from members of Brett and Misun, and live accompaniment from members of local bands Young Rapids and Dance for the Dying (plus additional support from a talented band of friends scattered across the country), Jay's been able to put together an impressive group of musicians.

The band's first release "Seventeen" beautifully reflects the talent of the folks behind this project with head bopping indie rock, introspective lyrics, and catchy melodies. Take a listen to the track and get excited for more from this band.

Next up is TIOJ perennial favorite RAC with his jam "Seventeen" featuring Pink Feathers (who is also his wife, awwwwwww). While Color Palette offered the male perspective of reflecting upon being seventeen, RAC's version of "Seventeen" offers the female perspective accompanied by the bright indie pop we've come to know and crave from RAC.

Which one do you prefer? Any other songs about being seventeen that we've missed?

DC! Color Palette will be performing at Rock & Roll Hotel on July 25 with a slew of other awesome DC bands -- get all the deets here!

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