Friday, July 31, 2015

{RECAP} milky chance

Sara and Sarah ventured out to Echostage to check out Milky Chance's show -- check out their impressive recap below!

Echostage is a special place in the DC music scene. The term "love it or hate it" may apply, though I believe that in many cases "love it or hate-having-to-deal-with-the-post-show-mess-of-cabs-and-ubers-clamoring-for-a-spot-to-pick-up-the-hordes-of-Urban-Outfitters-clad-20-somethings" is more apt.

All to say, Echostage is a destination. And for a great show, can be a trip very much worth taking.

Such was the case on Monday when we ventured out to Northeast to catch Milky Chance live.

The German duo of Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch have been touring in promotion of their record Sadnecessary, which they recorded in Rehbein's parents' house on a budget. Their quick ascension to notoriety is a true 21st century success story. They gained traction after uploading "Stolen Dance" to YouTube in 2013, and becoming one of the most talked about acts on HypeM. Their album was self-released, which lends itself to a true authenticity devoid of corporate influence.

The show itself was a fitting reflection of Milky Chance's genius. Calling an album Sadnecessary indicates an immediacy: it's neither fully sad nor fully avoidable. It's melancholy is a secret hidden under danceable beats.

The show stayed perfectly true to the album's concept. Echostage is a large venue complete with copious laser lights, an underlit bar, and cups of water for $5. While attendance at a Milky Chance concert feels like a party, it also feels more visceral and intimate than your everyday electro-pop show.

The band's sound is like the love triangle of Alt-J and newly re-monikered Jr. Jr., with a dash of -- if you can believe it -- Tallest Man On Earth. Rehbein's voice conveys intense emotion and longing, creating an absolutely perfect contrast against the flashing lasers and grinding young people. Between the band's commanding and moving vocal performance and hugely impressive harmonica solos, Milky Chance's set was unexpected and refreshing. They proved that, up-and-comers and self-starters as they are, they are all about the music, and that translated clearly in the scene at Echostage. It's acts like Milky Chance that leave you feeling excited about the motion of creative advancement in 2015's music scene.

We leave you with the first verse and chorus of their popular song "Flashed Junk Mind." To us, this song perfectly captures both Milky Chance's performance and their aura in general.

We were young souls
On the junk-yard
Now we are stunned minds
Full of junk-goods
But I feel your heartbeat
Just like mine
I feel your heartbeat
All the time

And we were bound to the city life
Flashlights when we're falling into the night
Focused on what you feel
Just when you were calling her love that day

If you have the chance, go see Milky Chance live.

Thanks so much, Sarah and Sara! Up next: the Sara(h)s are back at it seeing Young Rising Sons on August 3.

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