Tuesday, July 21, 2015

real talk: dc radio is LAME

Okay guys, real talk here for a minute. So recently I've been driving to work more often, which means listening to the radio more often. Typically I have a lovely routine of NPR in the morning and hip hop on my way home (work hard, play hard amirite??). But whenever I want to get out of that routine, I'm frequently disappointed at the radio options that we have here in the DC area. There's the Top 40 station, the "All The Hits Without The Rap" station, and the Alt-whatever station that typically plays one too many Fall Out Boy song for my taste.

I have a problem with this.


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Don't get me wrong, I love Top 40 as much as the next person. It's not like we don't love Taylor Swift, but just ONCE we'd love to hear the Kendrick Lamar remix to "Bad Blood" on 99.5. Is that so much to ask??

I don't know if this is something that other people notice or what the deal is, but I'm really disappointed in the lack of independent or rising artists that I hear on the radio in this area. I don't know if it's a weird alternate dimension that I'm totally missing -- maybe some AM station that's completely under my radar? Or maybe I'm biased coming from a city with an awesome local music radio option (shoutout WFPK!).

Even traveling to other cities, not more than two hours outside of DC, they all have amazing radio stations. I've driven and found local hip hop artists, I've heard TIOJ fave James Bay on a Top 40 station. Where's the missing link, DC?

So I'm curious, is there a station I'm missing? What alternatives do you guys have besides getting XM radio or just using a streaming service on the road? DC radio -- do you need suggestions? We have plenty of soon-to-be pop stars to recommend!

That is all. Thank you.

As told to Siri while sitting in traffic on 64.

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  1. WMUC: the University of Maryland's radio station. 88.1 FM (though i just listen online). student-run, with lots of great new music.


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