Wednesday, July 22, 2015

new music roundup!

So much new music, so little time! Is it just us, or are all of our favorite artists that we've been dying to hear new music from finally listening to us and coming out with new singles and albums? Guess that desperate tweeting of ours is paying off...

"Leave a Trace" - CHVRCHES
Fiiiiiiinally!!! It's been eons since our Firefly 2013 faves released new musics, and we love this song just as much as we loved their other stuff.

"Easy Days" - He's My Brother She's My Sister
After a few years and several life updates, this quirky band is back at it -- with tap-dancing drummers, onesies, and more!

"Stockholm" - Atlas Genius
Get your blazers ready to match these cuties. The infectious poppiness we know and love about Atlas Genius is back!

"Electric Indigo" - The Paper Kites
The Paper Kites have provided some of our most favorite summery, beachy tunes, and their latest is no exception.

What else are you listening to? What favorite artists of yours have popped back onto your radar??

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