Wednesday, July 15, 2015

{IF YOU LIKE} walk the moon, train

(via 1/2/3)

It's well-proven that we at TIOJ are suckers for upbeat, peppy music -- especially when said music is performed by the 2015 equivalent of a boy band. The latest to join the likes of Walk the Moon and Train are British poppers Lawson, who've long been making a name for themselves opening for Jessie J, The Wanted, and more.

Marrying electric beats, earnest vocals, and coordinated hand claps, Lawson, unlike other boy bands of today (lookin' at you 1D), has a grown-up gritty sound to back up their poppy, boppy, rhythmic style. Additionally, the pompadours various band members sport are pretty darn impressive in their own right.

We're adding ourselves to the long list of fans of these fellas, and we highly suggest you do the same. And if you find yourselves equally as endeared to them as we do, you can check them out opening for Sheppard on July 27.

Take a listen to "Roads" and just try to keep yourself from dancing along.

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