Tuesday, June 9, 2015

{RECAP} the tallest man on earth

The Sara(h)s were able to check out The Tallest Man on Earth last Monday night at The Lincoln Theatre -- read their rave review below!!

Kristian Matsson, the genius behind The Tallest Man on Earth, lived up to his moniker on Monday night at the Lincoln Theater. A name well-suited based not on his stature, but on the scope of his presence on stage. His soaring vocals and jerking guitar motions convey an emotion that both fills a space and manages to make you feel a singular, individualized connection to his words.

The Sara(h)s have seen TMoE before, when he came to DC to play at 9:30 Club. That show stood out to us then as "The One Where You Could Hear a Pin Drop." Seriously, the quietest we've ever heard 9:30 -- especially a 9:30 that was at capacity. We were both fascinated to see how TMoE's set would transfer to the different style of the Lincoln Theater, and, unsurprisingly, Kristian delivered an amazing performance.

The Lincoln proved a great venue for Kristian & co. Kristian's intensely emotional performance is deepened when you can not only hear the words you've come to know, but also see how he is interpreting them as their maker and conveyor. In addition to allowing a view in on the action, individual seating at Lincoln lets you connect with the music in a truly individual and personal way -- exactly how Kristian intended.

This is TMoE's first tour with a band backing him. Rather than distract from the vocal emotion and meandering guitar, the four band members actually enhance the transfixing nature of the show. They came alive in songs, which was wholly exciting for those of us in the audience who were already near ready to burst from the emotion each song holds.

It was a beautiful night, one we wish we could relive again and again.

Thank you again to Sara and Sarah for checking out this show! Up next: the Sara(h)s are back at it, checking out LEMAITRE!

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