Monday, June 8, 2015

{RECAP} great good fine ok, paperwhite, joseph & the beats

Check out Morgan's recap of a stellar indie pop lineup of Great Good Fine Ok, Paperwhite, and Joseph & The Beats at DC9!

Thursday night I pretended I was in college and totally didn’t have to do grown up things (like work) on Friday and caught a late show at DC9. The show was Great Good Fine OK’s (one of TIOJ’s Bands to Watch in 2015!) first headliner in DC. I discovered Great Good Fine OK a couple of months ago when they opened for Bear Hands. On Thursday I had the pleasure of hearing several tracks from their new EP Body Diamond as well as getting a chance to discover both of the excellent openers.

Up first, Baltimore's Joseph & the Beats, who were wonderfully weird. (For the record, my favorite singer is David Byrne – I mean weird as a high compliment.) The band had an electric-David Bowie feel that I loved. I hope to see them the next time I’m in Baltimore or back in D.C. soon!

Up next were Paperwhite. I confess, I knew absolutely nothing about the band, led by brother and sister Katie and Ben Marshall. However, after the first song, I became a convert. The band has a fun, synth-pop sound that works well with lead singer Katie Marshall’s lovely voice. All of their songs were fun to listen and fun to dance to. I’ll definitely be looking for their DC return.

The last time I saw Great Good Fine OK I learned the lyrics to “Not Going Home” on the fly so I could sing along with the crowd. This time I came prepared. I was delighted to see that many others in the crowd did as well. I cannot confirm what the band has been listening to for the last few months, but if I had to wager a guess, I would put (a very small amount) of money on Michael Jackson (and maybe some George Clinton?). In the lead up to the show, I was listening to “Too Much to Handle”, which has a fun, '80s pop sound. However, live the band turned up the funk in this set. All of it was for the better – I loved the sound of the entire set. New and old, all of the songs had an injection of a funk-based electric energy that made the set tremendously fun. New fans and old danced through the entire evening.

Also, once again, the wardrobe choices of the band were on point. I make a modest plea here: I have to know something about the origins of the jackets. While I loved them all, I was particularly enamored with keyboard/electric xylophone player who had a jacket with a map of the world on it. Are they thrifted? (If so, the band members must explain their thrifting strategy – I have never been that lucky in a thrift store.) Custom-made? I must know.

I’ve been to many a show in 2015 and I think I might have danced the most at this one. I have the exact same recommendation that I had a few months ago: Go see Great Good Fine OK live. Their brand of fun-electropop music is beautifully joyful and will have you wanting to dance all night long.

Thanks for the recap Morgan -- so jealous we missed this show! Next Up: Sarah and Sara are back to U Hall to see LEMAITRE on Thursday night!

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