Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{RECAP} born gold, braids, purity ring

Intrepid Concert Correspondant Morgan checked out Braids and Purity Ring at the first of their two shows on Friday night -- read her recap below!

Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing a trio of experimental bands at 9:30 Club: Born Gold, Braids, and the spectacular Purity Ring.

First up on Friday night was the Canadian band Born Gold. I have to confess that I was most impressed by the band’s unconventional percussion set up -- I was on the second floor, so I couldn’t quite see everything that they were using. I think I saw that the band was making music with what looked like: a bird cage, a disco ball, some strips of metal, and as we always need more of: cowbells. (If you were there and were closer and I got anything wrong -- please, correct me in the comments).

Up next was Braids. I first fell for Braids listening to their most recent album Deep in the Iris on NPR’s First Listen a couple of weeks ago. NPR Music’s Jason Heller describes the album perfectly: “Deep in the Iris is about the good and the bad that’s unlocked when the ice melts.” (His whole review here and describes the album far better than I will.) The album is full of raw, emotional lyrics, paired with experimental sounds, and lead singer’s Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s soaring vocals. Consistently beautiful, sometimes haunting, sometimes joyful, I’ve had the album on repeat for the last few weeks. As such, I was incredibly excited to catch them.

Deep in the Iris is the third album from the Canadian band Braids who opened for electronica powerhouse Purity Ring. However, before they took the stage, Purity Ring was up in the rafters of 9:30 Club dancing to Braids new album.

Deep in the Iris translates to the stage perfectly. The album is intensely emotional and live the band opens up even more interesting and powerful veins. Standell-Preston’s voice is stunningly beautiful. Perhaps one of her greatest strengths is her ability to seamlessly shift from soft, sweetness, to an intense raw, loud rage. This is best exemplified in the song, “Miniskirt,” which Braids ended their set with on Friday. Standell-Preston’s vocal rage morphed almost instantaneously into haunting beauty. Meanwhile, Austin Tuffs and Taylor Smith backed her with a kind of controlled, electronic, chaos. It was a fantastic end to an already wonderful set.

Finally, Purity Ring took the stage. I’m not sure if I have adequate words to describe the sheer awesomeness of the show. If you’ve read my recaps before, you know how easily swayed I am by a quality use of shiny things as a part of a band’s act. Purity Ring might be the master’s of a light show. The entire club was entranced smoke, wind machines, a stunningly choreographed light show, and some very impressive, well-timed crowd-surfing. No pictures, no videos can do their show justice. What I’m stumbling through describing is: Purity Ring put on an amazing show. Go. See. Them. Live.

Thank you so much to Morgan for checking these awesome acts out! Up next: Sara and Sarah recap The Tallest Man on Earth's Monday show at The Lincoln Theatre.

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