Monday, June 8, 2015

good old war is my jam

In search of a super fun folky poppy (and peppy) band to bop along to as you make a long drive this summer like I am? If so, please look into Good Old War -- this band hails from my (brief) former home of Philadelphia, and they are a delightful breath of good music. I can't get enough.

Their new album Broken into Better Shape drops on June 30, and in anticipation of that, you can download a sampler on Noisetrade. I've listened to "Tell Me What You Want From Me" three times in a row, but the rest of the songs are equally as wonderful.

Fans say not to ever miss Good Old War live, and lucky for us, we're able to do that on August 13 at The Hamilton!! Put it on your calendar immediately, kids.

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