Tuesday, May 12, 2015

{RECAP} oh land

Sara and Sarah went to check out the oh-so-lovely Oh Land on May 3 at U Street Music Hall. Check out their recap below!

Sunday's Oh Land show was one of those live sets where you realize the artist just sounds absolutely amazing live -- so much so, that you're really moved by the outcome.

Nanna Oland Fabriciu, or the talent behind Brooklyn-based Oh Land, definitely fell into category 3. She can really sing. With a lineage of parents involved in the arts in Denmark, it's no wonder. Nanna was trained as a classic ballerina before an injury sidelined her, and opened her to the world of recording her own music, undoubtedly with the influence of her family's musical inclinations.

Sunday's show at U Street Music Hall was a sugary delight, the perfect soundtrack to a DC that is just unfolding from its winter fog. It was also Oh Land's first stop on a US tour, and the band's first show since December. The poignant, mid-show performance of "Cherry on Top," anchored the set, reminding us of her musical sincerity and sheer talent.

It was the perfect spring concert -- flawless, airy, heartfelt, and warm. The whole "performance" of the show followed theme: the Urban Outfitters-ready backdrop, the all-male band donning various pastel-shaded wigs, and she in her white cropped top. It was a bubbly, bouncy joy to see.

She believes in the music she has created and the tour she has designed -- and her enthusiasm was infectious.

Thanks so much to Sara and Sarah for their recap! Up next: Jurg is checking out Geographer on 5/23!

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