Monday, May 11, 2015

{RECAP} madeon

TIOJ Correspondents Mary and Drew D. were able to see Madeon at Echostage on April 25 -- check out their recap below!

“Internet famous.” The term itself invites more jest than envy, and few people ever seem to translate it into Real Fame™. But every now and then, it works out just so. Madeon is an example of such a feat.

Of all the ways to translate internet fame into Real Fame ™, music appears the most likely. Bieber came from the internet. Were it not for his impassioned cover videos and the divine benevolence of St. Scooter Braun, he would just be another guy.

Electro impresario Madeon shot to fame following the YouTube release of a MIDI keyboard video of his song “Pop Culture.” To date its 29M views attest to a substantial following. Songs as good from lesser known artists often never get the views. And without the views, they may not get the gigs.

On April 25, Madeon graced Washington DC’s Echostage for performance of his mesmerizing MIDI music. In the wake of what music journalists have been avoiding calling Justice-gate, the more talented musicians in the DJ set have begun going out of their way to show that their music is indeed performed live, which means variation, and to some extent, errors. But musician’s faces betray them. At Echostage, fans close to the stage could discern Madeon’s frustration when he missed beats and transitions. These slips graced the performance with the rarest quality in a DJ set: authenticity. 

Madeon is no Justin Bieber. While numerous, his fans file into midsize venues, not stadiums. Still, his rise to fame has an undeniable swiftness; in 2012 alone he performed at Coachella, Ultra, Lollapalooza and EDC New York. If Madeon continues sticking to his guns -- melodic beats, inspired samples and mesmerizing visuals -- his future is guaranteed.

Thanks so much to Mary and Drew! Up next, Sara and Sarah's review of Oh Land!

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