Friday, April 24, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Happy weekend, friends!! We have colder weather along with our sunshine in store, but we hope you have a great time -- whether you're examining your finances or brunching your little heart out!

Your Weekend Jam: Eternal Summers’ “Gold and Stone” is the perfect spring weather jam -- roll those windows down and press play!!

TIOJ Thoughts: 

So this is how you get Jay Z to give you a call

This lip sync battle is everything.

Getting rid of those songs that are stuck in your head.

Taylor Swift officially “broke up” with country music. It’s about time.

Free! Have you guys checked out the Starbucks app lately? They’re giving away free downloads of jams from Death Cab for Cutie and more!

DC Happenings: The Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival is this Saturday!! We had so much fun going last year enjoying music, food trucks, and watching drunk kayakers!

And in case you missed it: Are you a fan of Jason Isbell or John Mayer? Then check out Rosenblume NOW!

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