Monday, April 6, 2015

{RECAP} reptar

Concert Correspondant Drew headed to U Street Music Hall the other night to check out Reptar -- read his recap below!!

For me, the name Reptar brings back memories of Tommy Pickles and the rest of the gang from the popular Nickelodeon series Rugrats. The connections between my childhood and the band Reptar end there though, as I don't ever recall being hip enough to listen to their unique style of music growing up. Thursday night the group played to a mostly packed U Street Music Hall, and this being my first time seeing them live it was a fun, but unexpected performance.

The big surprise from the show was how drastically different Reptar sounded from their studio work. Both their 2012 debut album Body Faucet and Lurid Glow, their second album that dropped this week, feature an indie/dance/pop/electro style that is very upbeat. Their live performance was a different animal, showcasing a more trippy, jam-band style with a saxophone and trumpet thrown in that gave them more of a ska sound.
The show got off to a fairly slow start, with the group playing several new tracks off their new album that the crowd wasn't that into. Not until they started playing some older songs did the crowd start to move and get into the performance. The entire show ended up being a good mix of old and new songs, but it needs to be noted the live performances sounded nothing like their studio counterparts. "Houseboat Babies" is a personal favorite song of mine, but it was almost unrecognizable live. Not to say it was bad, just a different sound altogether. The only track that sounded similar was "Water Runs" from Body Faucet, but other than that it was almost like I was watching a cover band of Reptar.

While not quite at the level of a Phish show, the group did have some fun jams during the night with the group showing some great chemistry. The sax and trumpet, which I didn't recognize from their albums, brought a new dimension to their sound and were standouts on the night. From the new album, their new single "Ice Black Sand" was also a hit with the crowd.

After I got over the initial shock of their difference in sound, it was a very fun night and I'd definitely recommend seeing them live. They certainly have a unique sound that not many bands have right now, and they will be fun to watch moving forward.

Thank you, Drew! Up next: Krista experiences Dan Deacon Saturday night at the 9:30 Club.

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