Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{RECAP} mat kearney

Concert Correspondent Morgan continued on her streak of concerts when she caught Mat Kearney at the Fillmore Silver Spring on Saturday night. Check out her recap below!

First off, I’d like to start of my review by using the powers of the Internet and send some positive karma to the very (very) tall man who stood in front of me at the concert, turned around, apologized, asked me if I could see, and then moved. As someone who regularly places in the top five of the “shortest person at the concert” competition, this has literally never happened to me before. It was incredibly nice and I was able to actually see all of the musicians -- thank you random stranger!

Kindness and joy were in the atmosphere at the Mat Kearney concert at the Fillmore on Saturday night. Kearney was visibly excited to be playing for a sold-out audience. He told the crowd that his first show in the DMV area was years ago at Jammin’ Java and said that the tour had been one of the “best of his life.” Kearney’s happiness and enthusiasm came across in every song.

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Kearney played a mix of old and new songs throughout the show. Much of his recent album, Just Kids, has a sound that at times blends pop and electronica and translated well to the stage. The crowd was full of long time fans -- the cheer to the opening chords to “Closer to Love” was the loudest one I’ve heard this year. Kearney was joyfully theatrical, jumping, dancing, and at one point held a disco ball in the air.

As someone who is frequently skeptical of covers, I was pleasantly surprised when Kearney brought opening band Judah & the Lion for a bluegrass inspired “Uptown Funk.” I think the banjo won me over -- it was a terrifically fun cover. (Also, props to Judah & the Lion who, during their opening show became the first band ever to say the words “We built this city” without making me cringe. Their bluegrass-folk-country-cover song theme is worth checking out.)

After the “Uptown Funk” cover Kearney started singing “Runaway.” As someone who listened to this song approximately nine thousand times the summer after I graduated from college, I was beyond thrilled. “Runaway” brought me a lot of comfort as I was packing up and moving across the country. The live version was beautiful, sweet, and for me, very sentimental. It was the highlight of the show for me. However, I felt like everyone in the crowd had a song they were waiting for. Every song got a cheer. Every chorus someone was singing along.

Thanks so much to Morgan for seeing Mat!! Up next -- Drew checks out Reptar at U Street Music Hall on Thursday night.

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