Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{RECAP} cassian, maribou state

First-time Concert Correspondents Mary and Drew D. ventured to U Street Music Hall on late Friday night to catch Cassian and Maribou State. 

Setting: U Street Music Hall. Home, legend would have it, of one of the best sound systems in America. One of the few refuges of the overworked DC consultant and over-helicoptered DC youth.

Event: A few English blokes decide to visit town to massage Pioneer CDJ-900s for a few hours, mixing a few tracks and earning a few quid bucks before turning attention toward devoted fans in hot pants.

On Friday, April 17, Maribou State played U Street Music Hall to oodles of roaring fans. Or perhaps those in attendance might have roared, had there been oodles of them. Lured by free entry for over-21s and the likelihood of well chosen tracks (be they live-mixed or ipod-based), DC locals flocked to the space on Friday. Flocked may be generous. They came in dozens but not quite in scores. At times the space was filled to half-capacity.

Opener Cassian played serene beats to a crowd that seemed to match the headliner's intensity. Elevator music -- notably defined by Antonio Carlos Jobim among others -- had nothing on the soothing songs that started the night. When in Rome, DJ as the Romans do. Perhaps also when the British come to you?

Much in electronic music is put down to genre. "Oh that's progressive house, that's trance, that's dubstep, this is electropop." While bending genres at times, Maribou State's sound may fit the chillstep classification best. Think of them as a downtempo Dust Brothers. They may aspire to the status of being uncategorizable. Interviews list inspiration from Ravi Shankar and Enya. But it's simple really. Maribou State play music you could write a paper to, or dance to should you choose. When they play live, you would dance. Perhaps should dance is better. Would you wear red to a funeral?

Despite its location in sleepy Washington, DC, U Street Music Hall caters to the crowd that lives for the night. According to their twitter feed, Maribou State was not slated to go on until 1:30. But it seems as if they had not done so even by then. Your humble yet sleepy correspondents had hardly enjoyed the Londoners earnest handwork before hours of wakeful toil and alcohol got the better of them. But if a group can be judged by their transitions, Maribou State could soon have the dancehall scene on lock. Perhaps one day they shall. Perhaps Friday they did? Let the beat drop. Before our heads next time.

Thanks to Mary and Drew D. for the recap! Next Up: Mary and Drew are back at it to catch Madeon at Echostage this weekend!

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