Friday, April 3, 2015

{PLAYLIST} songs about eyes

We have a thing for pretty eyeballs. Brown, green, blue, even hazel -- we don't discriminate. Just as long as they're nice to look at. As such, we've decided to pay homage to some others who like eyeballs. Take a listen below, then find someone's baby blues/greens/browns/hazels to gaze into today with whatever emotion you'd like.

swoon (via)


  1. As a FJM fan (seen him live twice and again seeing him with The Decemberists at MPP in June!) I agree with the Kanye West comparison. I'm not as in love with his recent album, but I respect it for his ability to ask hard questions and open his soul. Can't wait to see it live, will likely make me appreciate the songs more.

  2. I agree - this new album is a different direction for sure. I would recommend reading his tour bio that was posted on the 930 club's website ( It definitely presented an interesting perspective / additional depth for me in terms of the complications of the album's release. He's no easy character! But so much fun to consider and.. of course.. (as you know) see live! Thanks for reading! -Sara


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